Want to be EFFECTIVE in your life?

Want to be EFFECTIVE in your life?

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Do you ever get the feeling that you are just not measuring up?  Do you feel behind in your work, all the time?  Do you look at the mess on your desk and wonder where to even begin?  I know the feeling and I know it too well!

I spent years trying to be the most efficient person I could be.  I studied every efficiency book on the market and tried so many tools.  I tried to stay in “Quadrant II” and carried my paper planner with me everywhere.  I was faithful and diligent in keeping up with my master task lists and moving uncompleted tasks to a later date, with guilt I might add, and continued to drudge along in a task driven HELL!

I enjoy New Years Eve and look forward to this time every year for reflection on the past year and to ponder my future and how I wish to improve.  A few years ago, when I was still living in Colorado, I spent a wonderful New Years weekend at my wife’s family home in Castle Rock.  It was beautiful, but exceptionally cold one night.  I was lounging on a huge and comfortable couch in the living room with a roaring fire in the fireplace and enjoying a nice evening watching a “Twilight Zone” marathon on the SyFy Channel.  I was thinking about my first year in my new job as the Sales Manager for Automated Energy, Inc and how I could improve on what I started in my second year with the company.

Automated Energy is a small company and does not have administrative assistants to help with day to day tasks like travel planning, work expense reports and other busy work that would fill my task list.  I would get bogged down in that stuff and was trying to think of ways I could be more productive and more efficient at my work so I could spend more time making sales calls, but even that was bothering me.  I had a lot of prospects and customers to contact and follow-up with, but I was struggling with which contact I should follow-up with and when was the best time to do it.  I needed to figure out a better system than I was using so far.

I began browsing through the Blackberry Apps Store on my Blackberry phone under the productivity category.  I noticed an application that I had never seen before, ToDoMatrix by REXwireless software, and I was immediately intrigued.  What hooked me into the application was its unique selling proposition, “Exceptional task management using the one item you have with you all the time, your phone.”  I had to investigate this application, since I was getting tired of tugging my paper planner with me all the time.  I liked the software program, a concept built around list making and having a list for everything in your life and giving me the chance to manage and work on each list when the time was appropriate.

I noticed, while reading the wonderful information on the ToDoMatrix website and getting excited along the way, that the program was built around a concept taught in David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done”.  The ToDoMatrix site recommended that I read the book first, then use their application to execute what Mr. Allen teaches in his book.

I could not wait until the next morning.  I immediately drove down to the Castle Rock Outlet Mall and purchased David Allen’s book and read the book the entire weekend at my in-laws house.  My family was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with me, since I only left my bedroom for meals and to use the bathroom!  I was okay though, in fact I was more than okay, I was fantastic.  I discovered what I was looking for!  I found a guide on how to be more effective in my life in the book “Getting Things Done” and had access to a tool in the ToDoMatrix that was a game changer for me.

I wasted no time in loading the ToDoMatrix in my Blackberry, tossing my paper planner in the trash and shifting to a more effective system for managing my life and increasing my productivity in all facets of my life.  What were my results?  How about a 78% increase in sales and contracts in the next year!

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!  If you are still reading, then you were like me and you are yearning to be more effective.  If you have a desire to become more productive and you own a smart phone, then do the following:

1.  Read David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done;

2. Download the ToDoMatrix application into your phone and get started immediately.

I have no affiliation with David Allen or the REXwirless folks, I just like their stuff.  So what are you waiting for?  Get moving, oh and you can thank me later!

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