Why are you not as successful as you want to be?

Why are you not as successful as you want to be?

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Do you know someone that seems to be successful at everything he pursues? It seems like he gets all the breaks and life just seems to come easy to him? At the same time you are struggling and have to work at every aspect in your life and nothing seems to come easy to you? Do you feel guilty when you find yourself resenting your successful friend?

So why are some people a success in life and others just seem to scrape by?  There are several answers to that fundamental question, but the top answer and most important is simply….ATTITUDE.  Your attitude is not everything, but it is the main thing.

Those that approach life’s little tasks as an obligation will always struggle; however, those that approach life as an opportunity will succeed beyond expectation.  Bestselling author of the popular book, The Fred Factor, Mark Sanborn put it best when he stated “Approach your life where EVERYTHING is an opportunity.”

So why do people have attitude issues?  I believe it boils down to two main areas, the first being most folks are not operating in their “strengths zone”.  The widely popular Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton covers this area very well.  You are taught to focus on your weaknesses.  Well, that is a waste of your time.  They are your weaknesses, and unless they are character or safety issues, don’t worry about them.  Instead discover where you are strong and spend the rest of your life developing those strengths so you can add value to everyone and everything in your world.  Get the book Now Discover Your Strengths and take the strengths finder test and begin operating in your “strengths zone”.  You will soon discover life is a lot more fun when you are living within your strengths!

The second main reason why many people have less than perfect attitudes is that they are simply not organized.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by life and if you are not prepared for those moments, you will become adrift in a sea of mediocrity and before you know it, it is ten years later and you are living in regret.  Stop this from happening by taking control of your life by following a few simple principles.  First, maintain perspective in your life and learn to keep, as the late Dr. Stephen Covey put it, “the main thing, the main thing.” As a Platoon Leader in the United States Military, I was taught to manage chaos by putting myself in the point where my unit would have the most chance for success and delegate everything else.  I recommend you begin living by this principle and start delegating tasks that others can do just as good as you, if not better.

Author Dr. John Maxwell states, in his book Today Matters, “The secret to success is determined by your daily agenda.  It either makes you or breaks you.”  So how do you get the most out of today?  I highly recommend reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  It helps you organize your day by mastering the art of list making and working your list based on perspective and the context of the moment.  This book was a game changer for me and has made me more effective as a result.  Read this book sooner than later and you will begin to get your life in order and on a brighter path towards a better attitude and greater success!

Finally, successful people add value to everyone all the time.  How do they do it?  It’s pretty simple really; they help people by understanding them.  They do this by listening, observing, equipping, and by getting feedback.  They also are good at establishing solid long term relationships by encouraging people, being intentional in their interactions; create wonderful memories, and always follow-up on their commitments. The best part about successful people is that they have fun while they are doing it.  Don’t stress about this, it’s just life and as long as you are moving forward and operating in your strengths zone, it will always work out in your favor.

So what steps are you going to take today to start being a total and undeniable success?

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