Stay Focused and Close the Deal!

Stay Focused and Close the Deal!

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Last month I had to take in our Dyson vacuum cleaner to a local vacuum retail and repair shop.  The folks at the shop were delightful and had our Dyson back in working order in a few days.  When I went to pick it up, I got into a great discussion with the young salesman that greeted me when I came into the shop to pick up my Dyson.

“Have you ever thought about upgrading your vacuum, Mr. Rheam?”  That was a good question for him to ask since I was coming in to pick up my seven year old Dyson.

“Well, I guess I have not thought about it, do you have something better than what I am using?”  I’m sure that was music to his ears!  He proceeded to give me a great sales pitch and pointed me to a very nice top-of-line vacuum cleaner that was newer and more capable compared to what I was using now.

He had my curiosity, “How much is it?” I inquired.

“Well, it’s one thousand dollars.”  He replied with a smile.

“Wow, that’s pricey.” I responded in surprise.

“What did you pay for your Dyson, around five to six hundred bucks?”  He did not wait for me to respond.  “That Dyson is made with plastic parts and is why you had to bring it in for expensive repairs this week.”  He reached over and pulled the shiny, newer vacuum in front of me.  “This baby is made with durable metal parts and will last much longer and is much less expensive to repair.”  He looked up at me and grinned, “You probably have another four or five years left in that Dyson, whereas you will have a good twenty years with this vacuum here.”

I contemplated his words and was comparing my old and dusty Dyson with his shiny and new beast and could picture a much cleaner house with that new toy in my home.  “Can we run a test here in the shop and compare the two vacuums?”  I asked, not taking my eyes off his new vacuum.

“Of course!” He chirped in response.  A ringing bell, signaling that a new customer had entered the showroom, interrupted our discussion.  A kind, elderly lady had come in the store from outside and approached us with a smile.

“Can I help you?” The salesman greeted his new guest.

“Yes, I need a replacement bag for my vacuum cleaner, but I am not sure what kind I need.”

The salesman walked over to her, “Okay, well why don’t we go over to my computer and we can figure out what type of bag you need.”

“Oh, I can wait until you are finished with him.” She smiled and gestured over to me.

“Oh, that’s okay; let’s get you taken care of.” He replied and led her over to a computer from across the room and left me waiting by my Dyson.

I glanced at my watch and began to think about other things I needed to accomplish before I headed back home.  I looked over at the salesmen and his pending customer from across the room.  I lost interest in this new vacuum he showed me with each passing second.  Just a few minutes ago, he had me thinking I could not live without his vacuum, but now I started to talk myself out of it. I really don’t need to spend $1,000 for a new vacuum.  I thought to myself as I looked back over at the salesman.  “Hey, I’m going to take off.”  I spoke up, “maybe we can talk about this vacuum some other time.”

“Okay, sir!” The salesman cheerfully waved at me.  I shook my head in disbelief as I escaped the showroom with a thousand dollars still in my pocket and my trusty Dyson in tow.  I’m sure he made the sale after I left with that nice, elderly lady and earned $10 for helping her find a new replacement bag; however, he let $1,000 walk out the door and I probably won’t be back for about four to five years, when my Dyson finally gives out, just as he predicted!

It got me thinking, what a lesson in sales and in life.  That salesman did a wonderful job getting me interested in his product, and had me convinced it was time to upgrade.  He did everything right, up until the point he got distracted, lost his focus and allowed me to walk away from the deal.

We are all faced with situations that require focus and determination to finish something significant in our life.  The key is to understand the gravity of the situation and have the discernment and wisdom to remain focused and finish the task.  There will be seasons when we must be out of balance, but with the understanding that it is only temporary, and necessary if we are to achieve significance in our journey.

Once you recognize an opportunity that truly is of value and will help you achieve your goals, then go after it and remain focused on the task.  If you want to leave a lasting legacy in your family, in your community, and in God’s kingdom, then at some point you will have to learn to close the $1,000 deals and many times it simply requires that you do not walk away; like that young vacuum salesman did with me.  What is going on right now in your life that requires focus?  What are you doing to close that deal?

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