Serve First and Wealth Will Follow

Serve First and Wealth Will Follow

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A few weeks ago, my computer died.  I had to be without it for six days and it was very disruptive to my workflow and was a cause of frustration as I worked with a local PC repair shop to figure out a solution to fix it.  The local Service Techs were great and worked hard to get my computer back in operation.  The Service Manger; however, was a totally different story.

I visited the PC shop on three different occasions to discuss options with repairing my computer.  The Service Manager never took the time to learn my name and hardly remembered me when I came back in to the store for updates on my computer.

Luckily, I did not have to interact with the Service Manager very often as he was not the one that was actually fixing my computer, but on one occasion he was involved in a discussion regarding my computer.  He was listening to one of the Techs explain to me some of the options to revive my PC.  The Service Manager interjected himself in the conversation and stated, “Well, we are probably going to just wipe your hard drive and get this finished; we are not going to make any money on it.”

I was dumbfounded and was turned off by his statement.  He made it clear that he did not have my best interests in mind. What made it worse was that he tried to sell me a new computer from his store.  Of course I was not planning to buy a new computer, and if I did, it would not be from him!  The Service Tech ultimately found a way to fix my computer; however, I will think twice before I go back there again, solely because I am not sure I can trust the Service Manager.

In contrast, I had to take my car to a repair shop a few days later because the engine from my car had a burning odor coming from it.  I asked the shop owner if he could take a look at it and see if there was anything wrong and in need of repair.  The owner asked if I could leave it with him for a few hours.  I told him I could and then he offered me a ride to a local restaurant where I could grab some coffee and get some work done while I waited.

A few hours later, the owner called me to let me know that he could not find anything wrong with my car and that I should not be concerned with it.  He drove my car over to the restaurant and had one of his mechanics follow him so he could get a ride back to his shop.

When I asked him how much I owed him, he stated with a big smile, “No charge, Erick, your car didn’t require any work done, so I’m not going to charge you, but I appreciate you for asking.” Wow, now that is customer service!

I had two totally different experiences within a week.  It is obvious where I will go the next time I need my automobiles serviced.  In contrast, it is obvious where I won’t go the next time I need my computer serviced.

Creating wealth is pretty simple; add value and look for ways to serve people.   If you do that consistently then the money will soon follow.  The next time you have a chance to serve someone in your community, do yourself a favor and emulate the Auto Repair Shop Owner and NOT the PC Repair Shop Service Manager!

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