Enough Is a Mythical Land That Does Not Exist

Enough Is a Mythical Land That Does Not Exist

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I love the stage of life that my kids are in right now.  Ashley is ten, Ryan is seven, and Adrian is seven.  My wife mentioned to me the other day that if she could freeze the kids in time, she would do it at this age.  They are so fun to be around and it is tremendously satisfying to watch them grow and develop their personalities and strengths.

One of the fascinating aspects of being a parent is that you get a chance to view life through a child’s eyes once again.  The world is a magical place from a child’s perspective, the future is exhilarating, and the present moment is a thrill.

My kids talk about their dreams and aspirations. Their wants and desires just roll off their tongues so easily.  They believe if they speak it and want it, then it will come true.  My son, Adrian, mentioned the other day that he thinks he may want to fly fighter jets.  My son, Ryan, stated that he wants to own a mansion and let my wife and I live in it with him.  All of my three kids talk about their dreams like they are ordering dinner off a menu.

In the past as they were telling me all the great things they want to do as they get older, like driving a pink Mercedes car (that was one of my daughter’s dreams), I thought in my mind of all the reasons why they could not achieve those things.  Why?  Because I lived on this earth for 40 years and I experienced rejection and large doses of reality and I know how hard it is to design the life you want and then achieve it.

Luckily, for my kids, I kept my mouth shut and encouraged them to pursue their aspirations.  What happened to me at 40 that changed so much since I was my kid’s age?  Why didn’t I dream as confidently as my kids did?  It is because I lived in the land that most adults live in, but it actually does not exist.  According to John Acuff in his latest book Start, it is called the land of enough and I bought into the lie, just like most of you who are reading this now.

“I don’t have enough time right now.” Is a phrase I often found myself telling my kids when they asked me to go outside and play with them.

“I don’t have enough energy.”

“I don’t have enough money.”

“I’m just not talented enough.”

Enough, enough, enough!!!!!!!!

There was never enough of this or enough of that to accomplish what I wanted in my life, so I resorted to thinking that I will have enough tomorrow.  Well, guess what?  Enough will never happen and it will always be just outside of my grasp.

I made a decision, this year actually, to give up on the mythical land of enough and to begin pursuing my dreams now.   In January, I began writing with a purpose.  I always wanted to write, but I never had “enough” time.  I have a full time job, I have a family, and there was just “never enough time,” I kept telling myself.  Well, I discovered that when I stopped buying into the “enough” lie, that I actually found the time to pursue my dream of writing.  I decided to stop watching TV at night so I could get to bed earlier and began waking up every day at 5:00 am so I could write.  Since the beginning of this year I started this blog and have consistently posted a new article weekly.  I am over halfway done with my first novel and regularly pump out two new chapters a week.  I’m on pace to complete it before the end of the year!

I’ve discovered that in this phase of my life that I cannot do all the things I want, but that is okay, because I am focusing on the most important aspects of my life.  I had to make some changes and edit parts of my life, but I found that once I cut out the word “enough”, then I began to discover ways to pursue my passions.

These days I find myself enjoying my dream sessions with my kids, because I have become a dreamer myself, and it feels great!  How about you?  What dreams have you put on the back burner and what are you doing to get back to dreaming again?  Stop waiting for something that does not exist in the land of “enough” and start living your life and pursuing your dreams.

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  1. Erick, this is so true! And kudos to you for realizing it! Palma

    1. Thanks Palma! I hope you are doing well!

  2. Hi Erik,

    I am delighted to discover your blog and a kindred spirit in facing 40 with optimism, challenging the cultural weariness that seems to be pervasive, balancing being present for my children with being effective at work, and pursuing those things that I had always thought would happen ‘someday’ until I realized that someday is today! Kudos for sharing your journey and being an inspiration. Here’s to the 5:00 am devotion and writing club, looking forward to reading your book! 🙂


    1. Thanks Amy, I’m almost done with it!


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