My Boston Marathon Quest Update

My Boston Marathon Quest Update

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I’m days away from my first marathon and Boston Marathon qualifying attempt, The Last Chance For Beantown Marathon in Wilmington, North Carolina.  The best part of a training plan is the taper.  Usually, after a long four to five months of grueling training, the taper is a time when I get to cut back on my miles, rest up, and stay sharp for the race.

Typically, the taper is a satisfying few weeks.  My legs feel good, my mind is sharp, and I’m eager for the race so I can put my months of training to the test; however, the past few weeks have been less than ideal.

I sprained my ankle pretty hard at the start of my taper, a few weeks ago.  I was laid up for three days and missed a long run.  Luckily, I was able to get back on track after a few days off.  However, it was short lived as I strained my right quadricep muscle that plagued me for over a week and still persists as I write this post.  I’ve attempted to get back on the road a few times, but the injury is stubborn and doesn’t want to fully heal.  Last week, while attempting to do some hard intervals on the track, I had to come to the realization that I am going to have to rest my leg and allow my injury to heal.  This meant sacrificing the rest of my prep runs before the big race.

I’m doing everything I can to get myself ready and healthy.  I’ve gone through a full regiment of physical therapy to include daily ice, anti-inflammatory pills, and massages (thanks to my wife, Alia).  I’m getting rest and swimming in the pool……A LOT, to maintain my cardio fitness.

Some aspects of running, like life, are out of my control.  When I head out to North Carolina this Friday for my race, I know I can’t control the weather; my plane being on time, my hotel being acceptable, my rental car being in good condition, the organization and layout of the race course, and the other competitors.  I truly control one element and that is showing up to the starting line, which is what I fully intend to do.

My goals are now pretty simple (in order of importance):

  1. Show up
  2. Finish
  3. Run under 3:15

I’m not sure if my leg will be healthy enough to hold up for 3 hours as I span the 26.2 mile course or if I will have enough fitness to run the time I planned, but I do know that I will be at the starting line when the gun goes off and that will be enough.  The rest will be in God’s hands!

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  1. You’ve got this. I feel a lot of the actual races ends up being mental. There will be pain it is just how you react to it and whether you let you mind focus on the pain or what is working right. Your mind has to keep pushing you forward when your body says it is time to slow down. Good luck.


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