The World Needs YOU!

The World Needs YOU!

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Have you been downtown in your area lately?  It’s bustling with activity.  People from all walks of life are scrambling to their next task and hurriedly going about their day.  E-mail, social media, gaming systems, and hundreds of channels available on T.V. is enough to make anyone crazy and keep them distracted for many lifetimes.

Do you every stand in the center of your world and look around and wander if you’re even relevant?  I do.  I think one of the basic fears of mankind is to be disconnected and unwanted.  It’s why we have always traveled in packs.  There is identity in being a part of a group. Why do you feel so good when your favorite sport’s team wins and so bad when it loses?  Is it because you feel purpose when you are a part of something, even if it’s simply observing from the comforts of the couch in your living room?

If you were gone tomorrow, would the world miss you?  Does the world need you?  I believe the answer to that question is an emphatic, “YES!”

The issue is how we define “The world” and for each one of us, it’s profoundly different depending on our strengths, our individual situations and phase of life.  For me, my world consists of my young family, my associates at work and my clients and prospects scattered throughout the U.S.  My world also consists of my Church family and running community.  Essentially I have influence over a few dozen people in a way that could alter their path in life.  In turn those people will influence a handful of people who will then influence more people until that number eventually reaches thousands and hundreds of thousands.

Our lives are like tiny ripples in a large pond of still water, but through our everyday interactions that influence a few will eventually end in a tidal wave with the strength to build up or destroy depending on the decisions we make in life.  For me, I have young impressionable minds in my three young children observing me and learning how to approach life by the way I conduct myself.  They will eventually grow into influential adults and will draw on the principles they learn from me.

You have a certain mix of God given strengths and character traits that are unique only to you, like a special recipe that was cooked in heaven and given to the world as a gift.  My question to you is how are you nurturing and growing that gift for the betterment of the world around you?  Are you living to your potential and if not, why?  We need you.  We need your special talents and we need to hear your voice.  Are you being heard? Or have you settled for a life that is much lower than your best?  Have you surrendered to the lie that you are not special and have nothing to offer?

I have to look no further than my children to understand the power of God’s gifts.  My wife and I are continually amazed at how our kids were born hardwired with their personality and strengths.  Our job as parents are to help our kids realize those gifts, but make no mistake we have nothing to do with their talents.  They came out of the womb with those gifts embedded into their DNA and so were you.

You’re special and uniquely qualified to be YOU.  Don’t let another day go by that you don’t wake up and continue to make little ripples in the lives in those closest to you, because God doesn’t make mistakes and you are destined to be great in whatever desire God has put in your heart.  What are you doing today that will make a difference in someone’s life?  The powers of your gifts are in your hands, just get up and do something and you will be rewarded.

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