How To Avoid The Monday Morning Blues

How To Avoid The Monday Morning Blues

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We all experience the pang deep within our stomachs as the weekend comes to close and the sun begins to set, signaling the end of our wonderful weekend and sending us into a night of despair as we start to think about all the issues that face us in the pending week.  Sunday nights should be a time of peace.  We’ve enjoyed our weekend, had our fun, and begin to prepare our minds and hearts for the work week, but sadly, many and maybe that is you, feel the heaviness that comes with the thought of heading into work early the next day.

The Monday morning blues might be a reality for you, but it does not have to be the case.  Why do you continue to dread your Monday’s?  What should be a day of excitement as the week begins anew with the hopes and intentions of a productive week, instead has become a day of irritable beginnings drowned in a haze of caffeine and regret.

What can you do to avoid the Monday morning blues?  Here are 3 suggestions to consider:

1. Ask yourself why?

Why do your dread your Monday’s?  There can be several reasons.   For example, you are not satisfied with your work, you have become bored with your duties, or you are in a broken relationship at home.  Whatever the case, awareness is the first step to transformation.   The sooner you begin to discover the primary cause of your despair, the sooner you can work towards a solution.

Sometimes, I think we are afraid to ask the hard questions, because we are afraid of the answers.  We fear what our questions might reveal.  If you truly want a transformation, then you must begin with the “why?” as your first step.

2. Change.

Your questions will reveal answers, and those answers might surprise you and they most certainly will scare you.  Fear is nothing more than an indication that you are on the right track.  Life is fueled by the conflict of change.  You cannot improve your life or rise to another level without change as your constant companion.  John Maxwell, NY Times Best Selling Author states, “Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional.”  Is it possible the variables of your life are changing and leaving you behind?  Maybe it’s time to grow!

How do you change?  Every journey starts with a single step.  The challenges of life are easier to accept when you know you are on the right path.  You may discover that your job is not challenging you anymore.  The first step may be to write down tasks or activities that could challenge you and then bring that list to your supervisor in your next meeting.  The point is, not to fear that you may need to approach your life differently and what may have worked in the past, is no longer working for you now.  It may be time for change.

3. Surround yourself with encouragers. 

The daily grind can be rough, especially when you go at it alone.  Never do that!  Surround yourself with people that have your best interests in mind and are moving in a direction you want to go or are going now to ensure that you stay on track.  Be open with the people closest to you and don’t be afraid to share your fears. You will draw comfort that they are experiencing similar fears.  When you have companions on your journey and you know you are not alone, life can be easier to handle especially when you attempt to change it up a little and turn your Mondays into something more than a dread.

Don’t’ accept Monday as something you must endure.  In fact, never waste a single day and miss the opportunity to improve your life and your chance to impact others.  Life is too short to allow any day slip by without attempting to be your best.  Start today, take back your Monday’s and experience the joy of purposeful living.

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