The #1 Element to Successful Relationships

The #1 Element to Successful Relationships

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Success is predicated on the quality and strength of your relationships.  Want to win in life?  You will never do it alone.  If you look back at any major achievement in your life, you will discover that you had lots of help.

I love to read.  One of the first pages I turn to, when I pick up a new book, is the acknowledgement page.  It’s usually full of gratitude and thanks to the dozens of people that helped the author finish the book.  I enjoy hearing an acceptance speech from someone that receives an award.  Many times there are tears when the recipient mentions those that our close to him.

We all want to win at life and be relevant in this world, and the first step to success begins with people close to you.  I can predict your future based on those that you associate with on a regular basis.  So, if you want to make an impact in this world, be prepared to strengthen your relationships based on a simple concept…… Sacrifice.

There are three areas of sacrifice when it comes to relationships:

  1. Time.  This is the greatest sacrifice as you only have so much time in a day.  There are many tasks and responsibilities competing for your time, but when you give someone your time you strengthen your relationship.  There is no such thing as quality time when it comes to building effective and long lasting relationships.  Sacrifice your time and you gain a strong relationship as a result.
  1. Money.  This is the second greatest sacrifice.  It can be hard to part with money when there is so much you could do with money to enhance your life, but when you leverage your money for the sake of a relationship, that is a worthy sacrifice.
  1. Ego.  This is the hardest sacrifice.  Many times it is just not worth it to be right.  No one likes to feel wronged and human dynamics dictates that there will be conflict in a relationship at some point.  When conflict arises, sacrifice your ego for the good of the relationship and always ask this fundamental question, “Is this issue worth losing or damaging my relationship with this person?”  Most of the time the answer is “no”.  So, remember the big picture and sacrifice your ego for the sake of the relationship.

Relationships are fluid and can be quite frustrating at times, but never fail to nurture them.  When you understand the power of your relationships and learn to leverage your network, then you are bound for success.  What sacrifices have you made this week for the sake of your relationships?

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