The Most Powerful Word In The English Language

The Most Powerful Word In The English Language

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I thought I was just tired from getting up early every day to write and the miles I logged as I prepared to run my next marathon.  I struggled to open my eyes in the morning and I collapsed in my bed exhausted every night at 9:00 pm.  I soon discovered there was another cause of my constant fatigue.

“I’m surprised you even have enough energy to get out of bed!” The nurse stated over the phone.

She called to deliver the news from my thyroid test results.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago and was prescribed medication to rectify my problem.  I recently found a permanent doctor and she recommended that they check my thyroid to make sure I had the right dose for my medication.

The tests showed that my thyroid situation worsened and that I was not taking enough medication to get my thyroid to a normal and acceptable level.

“Erick, people with your numbers often need assistance when they come into our office, because they are so fatigued.” The nurse explained over the phone.

I sat back in my chair and contemplated her words.  I assessed my energy levels and they were low, but at least I knew there was more to my fatigue then a lack of sleep, overtraining, and getting old!  For several years I just blew off the importance of my thyroid and keeping up with my medication, but now I have a different view of its importance and how it can greatly affect the quality of my life.

I became fully aware of my thyroid issue and decided to take it seriously.  Awareness is a powerful word.  Meaningful change begins with awareness.  I remember when my twin boys became aware of each other for the first time in their crib.  Their eyes locked and smiles adorned their faces as they giggled at each other.  I will never forget my thoughts when I first became aware that Alia was pregnant with our first child, Ashley.  I was frightened and didn’t feel that I was ready, but I knew that I had to prepare and adapt to our new life with a baby on the way.

Awareness is my favorite word, because it is the foundation for all things that we encounter in life.  I became a Christian when I was made aware of the gift of salvation.  I fell in love, when I became aware of Alia and the potential we could have in a lifelong partnership.  I became fit and healthy when I was made aware of my unhealthy lifestyle and what it was doing to my quality of life.  I became a better husband once I was aware of my faulty paradigm to marriage, and I became a better father once I was aware of my faults and how it affected my children.

All great projects, companies, relationships, or ideas all start with awareness.  Technology is born when someone becomes aware of a problem and then develops a solution to solve it.  Awareness is the foundation for all paradigm shifts over our short history as a species.  Awareness, like a small hot amber, ignites the fire of all change and is the catalyst for meaningful momentum in our lives.

Awareness can be harnessed and used deliberately as a tool and here is how I use it in my own life:

  1.  Journal.  I started this habit five years ago.  Weekdays, I wake up early to read and reflect for a few minutes.  I record my experiences and contemplate their meaning.  When you write down your thoughts and recap a particular experience, you begin to view them from a different angle, after your subconscious mind has had a chance to sort through them, and you begin to see your experiences differently and detect a pattern.
  1. Ask “Why?” It’s healthy to question the events of your daily life and how you reacted to them.  Getting in the habit of asking “why?” will allow you to uncover a deeper meaning and begin to discover things about yourself.
  1. Pray. God will reveal what is necessary to move your life to newer heights.  That little voice in the back of your head is unlocked with the power of prayer and is the most powerful tool you have for ultimate awareness.

I can look back on my life and easily pull out critical decisions that elevated my life and my family when I became aware of key components in my particular situations.  I am constantly searching for awareness, how about you?

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