Faith – The Foundation for Our Future

Faith – The Foundation for Our Future

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Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 22:36-40 that love is the greatest commandment.  Love is foundational, a basic building block for life, but how can we love without faith?  How can I love a murderer, a pedophile, or a rapist if I lack faith in the Lord and His plan?  Ultimately, without faith there is no capacity for me to love, because my love comes from my belief in my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  He gave His life for the murderer, the pedophile, and rapist, just as he gave His life for me.  So if He can love them, why can’t I?

Faith is more than just providing the capacity for love, it’s is mankind’s only hope for survival and ultimate peace on planet earth.  Yes, there will be peace for all mankind.  How do I know?  Faith.

My greatest example of faith is my wife, Alia.  We’ve been married for thirteen years and have endured setbacks in our lives.  The world has thrown things at us, accused us, and at times abandoned us, but through it all, Alia’s faith has been steady and inspiring.

I’m approaching a significant change in my life professionally.  I’ve been on edge and horrible at hiding it with my family.  One day, I felt Alia’s touch on my arm.

“You need to snap out of it.” She demanded.

“Your attitude and fear, it’s nonsense and beginning to irritate me.”

I pull away from her, defensive. “Hey, I’ve got a lot on my plate and I’m working for the future of our family.”

“Give me a break.” She steps forward. “Stop working against me.  You are negating everything I’m praying for every time you make those comments of doubt and fear.”

“What?” I snap back at her.

“God promised us blessings, why would He promise us that if He wasn’t going to show up?”

I feel the tension leave my body and my shoulders slump.  I’m hurt, but motivated at the same time.  Does Alia not believe in me? Of course she does, but she believes in God more, which is exactly how it should be in the end.

My wife rarely wavers in her belief in God and His plans.  She is a rock for our family and refuses to allow doubt and fear to creep into our lives.  Faith, is necessary if you plan to operate effectively in this world.  I understand that many of you have experienced serious setbacks and disappointments in your journey and may question God’s love and your neighbor’s love, but please don’t lose heart.  God wins in the end, and so will you.  Just keep the faith!

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  1. this is good, Erick – your wife is right on – what a good team!

    1. Thanks, Joyce!


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