Who is Standing on Your Shoulders?

Who is Standing on Your Shoulders?

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My eyes catch my son’s glance.  He looks to me for approval, his big brown eyes sparkle in anticipation. He brought home a paper he wrote in Sunday school that morning and was anxious for me to read it.  I smile and nod, “It’s great, Adrian, remarkable actually, did you copy this from somewhere?”  I inquire, still a little shocked by the words he wrote on a piece of notebook paper.

“No Dad! Those are my words, my thoughts!” Adrian raises his hands and shrugs his shoulders.

“Well.” I shake my head and laugh a little under my breath. “This is really good, Adrian.”  I lean forward and wrap my arms around him.  He accepts my embrace and squeezes me hard with his little arms.  He pulls back and looks up with a smile.

“Dad.”  He pauses and pulls away from my embrace.  “I want to write a blog, like you.” He stares into my eyes and waits for me to respond.

“Oh, well that will take some time and effort, Adrian, I’m not sure you are ready for that.”  I wave off his request and walk towards the stairs to the basement so I could get some work done in my office.  I don’t look at Adrian for his reaction, but I know he’s disappointed.

A few days later, I enter the main office of Adrian’s elementary school.  I’m greeted by the Assistant Principal and several other school staff members.  “Your little Adrian is quite the writer!” The Assistant Principle beams.

“Oh, really?” I respond, surprised.

“Yes!” She quips. “His teacher sent him here, to the office, so he could read us the story he wrote about his home run in his baseball game.  We were extremely impressed!  Have you read it?”

“No.” I shrug my shoulders.

“Oh, you should!  It’s so descriptive and well thought out. We loved it!”

A few days later, l peer into the rear view mirror and stare at Adrian.  He’s quiet and staring out the car window in a reflective mood.  His tiny body is engulfed by the back seat and his feet still can’t touch the floor.  His floppy brown hair is dishelved and pushed off his forehead.

“Hey, Adrian.” I break into his thoughts.

He looks over at me, we make eye contact. “Yeah, Dad.”

“I was thinking about your blog.”  His eyes light up and he leans forward in his seat. “If you can commit to writing a new post twice a month, then I will help you set up a blog to get you started.”

He raises his hands in triumph.  “Yes!”

He’s bugged me several times since that day in the car. “Hey Dad, when are we going to setup my blog?”  Well that day finally arrived and I’m proud to introduce you to Adrian Erick Rheam’s blog.  You can find that story about his home run on it.  I hope you enjoy his writing as much as I do, and will support his journey as a writer.  He has much to give to the world and I’m full of anticipation to witness God’s purpose for him.

That, in a nutshell, I believe is a father’s purpose.  Help your kids on their journey, get out of their way and allow God to take over.  Pick them up when they fall down.  Give them a wink of encouragement when they look over their shoulder to make sure you are still there.  But, most of all, allow them to be what God made them to be, not what you think they should be.  Adrian is shaping into a fine young man, and I have little to do with it other than to support him when he needs me and that is all I can really do, as a father.  How about you?

Click here to visit Adrian’s blog.  Please encourage him!

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  1. So pumped! I have enjoyed reading your blog and now I get to read another! Way to go! Don’t feel any guilt about your single blog just doubling down on my reading efforts. That said, I know it will be worth it.
    Continue to inspire and teach!
    God’s speed.

    1. Gary! You are the man! Thanks for your support of my son, Adrian! I appreciate you!


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