It’s Okay, I trust You

It’s Okay, I trust You

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I remember the first time I held my daughter, Ashley, in the hospital room in Colorado.  It was a surreal moment to realize that I was a dad.  Was I ready? No, was my first reaction.  A resounding “no”, actually.  It took me awhile to warm up to the idea and it frustrated my wife.  She wanted me to be a father and to accept my new role willingly, but I did not.  I attempted to live my life the same way I did before we had our child.  I was naïve and silly, I know, but I eventually came around as Ashley won my heart and I settled into my new role.

I think it finally sank in one evening when I picked Ashley up in my newly purchased Jeep Wrangler.  My wife, Alia, was at our church working on a project and she needed me to take Ashley home and get her ready for bed.  I realized that I forgot her car seat, so I decided to just plop her in the backseat and fasten the seat-belt.  Looking back, it was one of many stupid things I’ve done with my children.

I could see the confusion in Ashley’s face as I strapped her into the backseat without her car seat.  She sat quietly and still as I put the Jeep in gear and headed for home, only a few blocks away from the church.

I peered into the rear-view mirror and made eye contact with her big green eyes.  She was not sure of the instability of the back seat without the security of her car seat as she used her tiny arms to brace herself.  It was her expression that’s ingrained in my memory forever.  She gave me a look of total trust.  She was frightened by the situation and looked up at me for security.  Once we made eye contact, she smiled as if to say, “I’m not sure about this, Daddy, but I trust you.”  My heart melted and I fully accepted the role of her dad.  I never told Alia of our little adventure and I’m pretty sure she would have scolded me, but in that moment, I bonded with my daughter.

It struck me how much Ashley trusted me and it inspired me to live up to her trust.  Her life was literally in my hands and she trusted me, in spite of myself.  To this day, at eleven years old, Ashley still buries her head into my chest and accepts my embrace when she is unsure about life.

Trust is an awesome gift we can give another human being.  It’s also one of the hardest gifts we can give.  When Ashley gave me her trust, I truly became her father.  I didn’t want to let her down and strived to keep her trust ever since.

If you desire to have quality relationships, or want to improve a relationship, start by stepping out on faith and giving that person your trust.  It’s risky, I know, but life is about risk and quality relationships are hard to find.  I can never guarantee that you won’t be hurt, but I can guarantee that you will never have high quality relationships without trust as the basic foundation.

What is holding you back from trusting someone important to you?  Remember, a gift is rarely deserved and at some point you just may have to give someone your trust, before they deserve it.  Step out today and live a life based on trust and begin to experience the transformation in your relationships as a result.  Take the risk, it’s worth it!

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