Jump and the Safety Net Will Appear

Jump and the Safety Net Will Appear

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My son Adrian and I recently watched the movie, Divergent.  I love the scene where Tris, the main character of the story, must decide to jump off the top of a building and into a deep dark chasm in order to be accepted into her new faction, Dauntless.

I’m not a fan of heights, so I could feel my palms getting sweaty as she peered over the ledge into the bottomless pit below her.

“Is there water at the bottom, or something?” A kid in the small crowd behind Tris inquires.

“I guess you’ll have to jump and find out.” Eric, the Dauntless leader smiles.

Tris finds the courage to leap off the tall building and falls helplessly into the black hole and safely into a net waiting for her.  She gasps as the net catches her flailing body and a look of relief washes over her face as she realizes that she is going to be fine.

That is my favorite scene in the movie because it’s a great metaphor on life.  Life, is one big leap of faith.  In order to experience it to the fullest and become what we were truly meant to be in the world, we must learn to jump off the ledge and go for it.

How many times have you been afraid to embark on that new career, or ask someone on a date, or try a new hobby you have always wanted to try because you were unsure of the outcome?  Sure you may fall on your face and even get hurt, so you don’t even try and never jump off the ledge.  How boring would life be if we never took a chance on it?

There were times in my life when I was afraid to act, but once I tried a few times, I discovered something beautiful.  A safety net appeared after I gained the courage to “jump”.  Something magical happens when we take a leap of faith.  The world bends for us and resources and support begin to appear out of nowhere.  It’s the law of courage.  Leap out on faith and positive things begin to happen, it’s inevitable.  Yes, there will be failure, but even in failure, something good usually comes from it.

When I decided to jump into the world of blogging and sharpen my writing skills, it was a leap of faith.  It was unnatural and awkward for me.  I knew nothing about the technical side of things, and I was not sure if I had enough ideas and imagination to produce new and fresh content on a continual basis.

My first blog site was a mess, and my writing was subpar and I stumbled several times; however, resources began to appear that kept me moving and ultimately elevated me to a much better place.  I was introduced to a set of tools, people, courses, and training videos that helped me sharpen my craft and update my site.  In essence, my “safety net” began to form and kept me from hurting myself.  I didn’t see it when I jumped into the world of blogging, but it began to form once I made the leap, and that’s how it usually works.

The world values risk takers.  What is holding you back or seems a little too risky?  Are you waiting until it’s totally safe and you know what will happen before you make the jump?  That rarely happens and you will find yourself stuck on that ledge and full of regret.  Don’t be that person.  Take the jump and your safety net will appear.

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  1. Jumping into the unknown is sometimes the most rewarding things that will happen in your life. It has been for us!

    1. Way to go, Beverly. I’ proud of you!

  2. good one Erick


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