Today is Your Day!

Today is Your Day!

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I believe “Someday” is a terrible word.  No single word is more destructive to a dream than that word.  If you were to eradicate one word and vow to never use, then I recommend that you commit to never utter “someday” again in your entire life.  Today, however is one of my favorite words and something that I recommend that you use more.

As I grow and mature I’ve learned that life is fleeting and a beautiful gift that is given to me only one day at a time.  It is also tragic and cold.  As I write this, 107 people have lost their lives right now somewhere in our world.  They will never again walk this Earth as we know it.  Their hopes and dreams are no more, but most important, their “someday” never came.

I know it’s cruel, but it’s simply true.  Someday is never guaranteed, but today is our gift and must be nurtured.  I chased way too many activities and became irritable as I jumped from one task to the next just so I could set myself up for “someday”.  I’m sad to report that I’m still waiting for “someday” and lost several precious moments with my family and friends.

Recently, my Dad asked me why I still hadn’t completed a task that I said I was planning to do that week.  I responded with, “Because I decided to play softball with my daughter, Dad.  It was nice out and she was available, so I chose that instead.”

I was pleased with my response and with the revelation that I had grown enough to let go of “someday” and to learn to enjoy today and to embrace it.  Just a short time ago, I would have passed up that moment with my daughter to chase my “someday” only to realize that someday I will be dead and I’m not interested in that, because today I’m fully alive and healthy.

What is your “someday”?  Want to start that hobby?  How about today?  Want to rekindle that relationship with an old friend?  How about today?  Want to begin a new career?  How about today?  Today is all you have, so why not embrace it?

Tomorrow will take care of itself and someday you will realize that it’s today and have learned to embrace it and live life to its fullest and that is when “someday” will finally be acceptable because it finally became “today” and now you have trained yourself to enjoy it.  So, what will you do TODAY?

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  1. Erick, this is so true, and as we get older, it is even more important! Thank you for reminding me!


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