Clarity Equals Certainty

Clarity Equals Certainty

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What would you do or attempt in life if you knew you could not fail?  Would you make that career change?  Would you seek out adventure?  Would you make that investment?  What would you do?  Life is beautiful and full of options when we are younger, but as we mature and grow, our world seems to get smaller and the opportunities and options seem to dwindle until we find ourselves in a rut mired in bills, obligations, and regret.  Why?

I believe that answer is clarity.  We want clarity before we seek out a new venture or take on any level of risk.  We want to clarify as much as we can before we make the leap into the unknown.  Clarity is synonymous with certainty.  Certainty is what we desire whenever risk is involved.  We want to be certain that we will not fail if we change jobs or if we invest our hearts and time into a new relationship.

Certainty in a life full of variables, unknowns, and risk is impossible.  So to protect ourselves, we limit our risk, thus limit our options until our world shrinks and suffocates our dreams and desires until they no longer exist and we are left with our daily routines and distractions to keep our mind off the fact that we are wasting away our gift of life.

I know this because I’ve been there.  I am there.  I’ve made decisions to avoid risk.  I tell myself it’s because I’m protecting my family, when in fact I’m protecting myself, because I’m afraid to fail.  I’m afraid of rejection, and I’m afraid to leave my comfort zone.

I struggle with the tension of my dreams and the responsibilities of life.  I seek to clarify my situation and opportunities to build in as much certainty as possible before I jump and find myself standing still on the ledge waiting for that bridge of certainty to appear and never will.  So what is the answer?

Faith is the answer.  Faith that I’m strong enough, good enough, and that I have the support to take a giant step towards my dreams.  I wish I knew with certainty what may happen if I step out on a new adventure, but alas that can never happen.  So at some point, I must simply close my eyes and step into the unknown and see what life has in store for me.

when I take my last breathe sometime in the future, my hope is that during my final days on earth I can reflect back on my life and smile knowing that certainty was never my companion, but faith was and that made the difference.

I struggle with this as I know you do as well, so what can we do to clarify our situation just enough to make the leap?  Here are four things I’m doing:

  1. Ask “what if?” What if I don’t take the risk and move forward?  What will I be missing?  I ask myself this question a lot these days.  Missing out on something is a powerful motivator.  What if I don’t try this new route in my life?  I find the answers are quite compelling and motivate me to move forward.
  1. Find others who have done it. We are not alone on our journey.  Many have walked this path before us and can comfort and mentor us along the way.  I seek out these people and try to learn as much as I can, but most of all, I take comfort that at least one person has done what I am doing and did it successfully; therefore, I know it’s possible.
  1. Seek God. I feel the noble desires of the heart are from the Holy Spirit and are indicators of God’s intentions for us.  The problem is that we tend to take over and leave God out of the mix instead of seeking Him out.  Go to prayer and allow God to speak to you and take comfort in knowing He is guiding your way.
  1. Take action. Clarity comes with action.  You cannot know what is around the corner until you move towards the corner and look around it, so start moving and see what’s next.  Sometimes the only way to gain some level of certainty is to start moving.

Taking that first step is hard.  I know, I recently just took a first step myself and I’m still seeking clarity and certainty.   I’m in a fog trying to gain my footing, but I’m also excited, because I’m moving and momentum is becoming my friend.  I’m not sure what my future holds, but at least I know I’m taking meaningful steps towards my dreams and exercising my faith.  How about you?

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  1. you are doing well, good buddy


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