Stop Stressing – Tomorrow is Just Another Day

Stop Stressing – Tomorrow is Just Another Day

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I stroll into the house with my family capping off another successful weekend of fun, laughter and memories.  We are all tired as we kick off our shoes and head our separate ways inside the house.

“Hey kids, tomorrow is just another day.” My wife, Alia, quips with glee.  “No work, no stress, just living.”

I turn to find a big smile on her face as she places her purse next to the door.

“Speak for yourself, woman.” I smirk.  “Some of us have to work tomorrow.”

“Six Saturday’s and a Sunday, kids.” Alia proudly announces, “That’s our life now.”

I shake my head and find my way back to the bedroom to get ready for bed.  I envy Alia’s new life as she closes a chapter on her old life and begins anew.  She resigned her position with the Monroe County Community School Corporation and enters the summer vacation with no obligation or stress of returning to her old job in the Fall.  She has truly shed her old life and begins a new chapter full of promise and expectation.

As I write this, Alia sleeps peacefully upstairs.  I could sense her excitement and joy all weekend.  At one point, she turned to me, “Thanks for allowing me to leave my job and explore my life this summer.”

She didn’t need to thank me.  I should thank her for her courage and willingness to reinvent herself and to view life the way it should be viewed.  Life is a gift and every moment is precious.  Live it to its fullest and absorb every moment and remember that tomorrow is just another day, so stop stressing over it and start living it.

What if we all approached life like that and viewed our week as “six Saturday’s and a Sunday”?  What if every day we woke up with an expectation that it’s just another day and to make the most of it?  What would that look and feel like?

Yes, we have responsibilities, but do we have to take them so seriously?  What if we laughed more?  Hugged each other more?  What if we took a deep breath, went outside and had a picnic with the kids at lunch today?  Would that be so bad?

“But it’s Monday, I can’t have fun today, it’s a workday and I have five days until the weekend.”

Not anymore, because today is just another day.  Another chance for us to love our families, inspire a friend, honor God, and experience life.  What day is it?  It’s Saturday.  Tomorrow is Saturday, and the day after tomorrow is Saturday as well.  In the end, it’s just another day that I will make the best of it.  Thanks, Alia!

What are you stressing about today?  Does it really matter?  Really?

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  1. It is just another day that God has given me. So thankful for so many things. Tomorrow will be our wedding anniversary of 43 years. 3 years ago on this same day I had a stroke. The moment the Dr told me what was wrong, I prayed and said this body is yours. I am ready for what you want of me. I took each day at a time. I was more thankful, happier and laughed more too. I let go of all stress I thought till I retired on December 5,2014. Oh my… I love it. We too have 6 Saturday’s and Sunday. There is nothing like it! Trust in God, take care of family, help others, be willing to give back, Work hard, plan and save for your future so you can retire early. But remember to enjoy each moment God gives a long the way, even when you work!

    1. Those are lovely words, Beverly. Thank you!


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