How Hungry Are You?

How Hungry Are You?

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I love the feeling of hunger that rumbles deep within my stomach after a long run.  My body craves carbohydrates, after a hard run, and I can literally feel the energy from the food course through my body as I scarf down an egg, ham, and cheese sandwich.

I love to relax on Sunday’s with my wife and catch up on recorded TV shows or a few movies.  It’s also my day off from exercise so my body can recover.  This is a great day for recovery but a horrible day for eating.  I have to be conscious of what I eat and I often find myself searching the cupboards on a Sunday afternoon so I can satisfy a perceived hunger.  I have to check myself by asking, why I’m craving food?  Is it to sustain life or satisfy taste?  Often, the answer is so I can taste something!  The question then becomes, do I have the discipline to turn away from the temptation to shove those potato chips in my mouth?

Sadly, I often eat the potato chips and regret the decision on Monday morning while staring at my weight gain on the scales and vowing to run extra hard later in the afternoon so I can burn more calories to make up for my indiscretions.

I’ve heard many runners say, “I run to eat”.  As we get older, our bodies change while our metabolism slows down.  We are forced to make changes in our eating and exercising habits if we plan to lead long and healthy lives.

Yes, I too “run to eat”, because I like the feeling of hunger I get after a run.  Eating has a purpose after a hard run.  I push my body to its limits and must eat to replenish my energy and give life to my body.

I’ve found that my pursuit and hunger for life is the same way.  I feed my mind with books, podcasts, and conferences so I can create a better version of myself.  When I create a clear goal for personal growth, my mind becomes hungry for knowledge and so I feed it.  However, when I fail to make goals and become complacent, then I feel lazy and unsatisfied with my life.

Our minds never stop being hungry and need to be fed to remain healthy.  The question then becomes, what to feed it?  Without goals or purpose, then we tend to feed our minds with junk food like video games, reality TV shows, gossip news, or other distractions that keep us busy.

So what are you busy doing in your life, right now?  Are you hungry or eating for taste?  What did you feed your mind last week?  What is your purpose?  What are your goals?  What is holding you back from feeding your mind with the necessary food to become a better you?

Your mind will always be hungry for information.  The question you must answer today and all the days of your life is what will you feed it?

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