Do Something Special This Summer

Do Something Special This Summer

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When we were young, life was simpler.  We played like there was no tomorrow.  We lived in the moment and remained flexible with our schedules and allowed ourselves to relish each moment and not allow life to taint and distort our views of the world.

It was easy to yell, “do over!” when something wasn’t right or not going as planned.  We would simply rip up the picture we were drawing and start over, no problem!   What happens to us as we start families and build our careers?  Somewhere in between long staff meetings, late nights at the office, and broken promises to our kids, we lose our perspective on life and forget we have the ability to yell, “do over!”

In Jon Acuff’s new book, Do Over, he gives us permission to do over parts of our lives that are just not working, like our jobs and careers.  Jon lays out the four opportunities in our careers where we get the chance to do over and change our path.  The “career bump” is when you get laid off, the “career ceiling” is when you reach a plateau, the “career jump” is when you move on to a new job or career, and finally, the “career opportunity” is when you get a promotion and the chance to advance in your company or career.  I recommend you read Jon’s new book, Do Over, since you are in one of those four areas right now and could gain some valuable insight from Jon and the suggestions he provides to deal with each one.

I’m a fan of Jon Acuff and have read most of his books and follow his blog posts and can relate with his journey.  Jon recently revealed his “Do Summer” activity, where he challenges his readers to pick one activity that we could master over the summer that would help elevate us in one of the four career “do over’s”

The challenge is to spend 1,500 minutes over the summer focusing on the one thing that will elevate you and better your career and life.  He provides a Do Summer worksheet that allows you to check off 15 minute blocks of time to track your progress over the summer.

For me, my Do Summer activity to tackle is online videos.  I’m a communicator and want to master the skill of online videos in order to elevate my brand and business.  I decided to accept Jon’s challenge and will spend my summer taking courses on shooting videos, acquiring the necessary resources, and practicing so I can master this task.  I’ve already invested 700 minutes towards the Do Summer challenge and I’m feeling great!

How about you?  Are you up for the challenge?  Are you ready to yell, “do over!”?  Start with the Do Summer challenge and download your activity sheet today.  CLICK HERE to take the challenge.

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