3 Reasons Why You Must Evolve To Thrive

3 Reasons Why You Must Evolve To Thrive

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Personal growth is difficult.  It’s scary and painful to become something new and to shed old behaviors and habits to make room for new and improved thinking.  It’s been said that “old habits die hard” and that’s right, it can be challenging, but necessary in order to thrive and become the best you can be over the course of a lifetime.

I remember adapting to life in high school, then college, followed by the military, then civilian work life, then having to adopt a whole new set of habits and disciplines when I entered into the private sector and the “for profit” world.  I forced myself to change my mindset when I became married and then once again when I became a father.

As I reflect back on my life, I realize that I had to reinvent myself around every five years in order to keep up with the pace of my life.  I challenged myself to walk away from the old version of me and learned new skills and adapted a new mindset as I entered into new phases of my life.

Life submits to those that are willing to change and adapt to new environments, evolving relationships, and dynamic circumstances.  There is much in life that we cannot control, but there are some things that we can control in order to stay ahead of the crushing reality of life.

“This is who I am.” Is a statement I’ve heard uttered often from people that are stuck and not growing.  If you are not evolving, then you are probably stagnant, bored, and frustrated.  There are certain absolutes and truths in life that will always remain the same.  These are moral pillars that become our compass and keep us on the right track, but everything else must evolve in order for us to thrive and here are three primary reasons why:

  1. Your mind needs a challenge. Have you ever worked hard to achieve something and dreamed of arriving at your destination and when you finally arrive, the celebration and exhilaration of the accomplishment leaves you a little down and even depressed?  Why?  You won!  Maybe it’s because life is about the journey and what you become in the midst of it.  Our minds are beautiful instruments and need to be working on a challenge in order to remain sharp.
  1. You are called for something greater than yourself.  If you are alive then you have a purpose.  Something that only you can achieve with your unique set of talents and personality.  There is no one on this Earth like you; therefore, you have a responsibility to become the best version of yourself.  There is a spark of desire in your soul, a fire that burns deep within you and demands that you become what you were created to be in this life.  If not, it will consume you from the inside out and you will become frustrated.  We must continue moving so the winds of progress can keep this fire at bay until our purpose is completed and we are called home to be with the Lord.
  1. Idleness leads to destruction. In the Army, the saying goes, “An idle soldier is a dangerous soldier.”  We kept our soldiers engaged and busy or they would get bored and into trouble.  I once read a study that showed the average retiree from a certain industry lived just 18 months after retiring at the age of 65.  Why?  We are not meant to be idle.  Human beings are creative and must be in the act of creating and becoming something new in order to remain relevant in our own minds.  If we are not growing and pursuing something greater than ourselves, then we lose focus and slowly lose our will to live.

There is nothing more tragic than a life with no purpose, for a life without purpose is a life without hope.  Purpose gets us out of bed in the morning and is the fuel that keeps us moving in spite of the circumstances.  However, we must nurture and protect our purpose by evolving and adapting to our ever changing world.  Fail to adapt and we could lose our way and find ourselves mired deep in depression, lost and drifting in a sea of despair with no rudder or wind to fill our sails.

What is holding you back right now in your life?  Are you stuck?  Do you feel lost?  Are you willing to let go of what is holding you back and evolve?

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  1. I get this—and I started working crossword puzzles a few years back to add to my “resume” of things I do for pastime! lol Keeping my mind growing!

    1. You have a great attitude, Joyce. I love that about you!


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