Shape Your Reality

Shape Your Reality

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What is your dream?  Everyone has an ideal situation in their mind.  The perfect job, the perfect day, or a lifestyle they desire.  What is holding you back from yours?  For most, it’s reality.

Sure, it would be nice to get that promotion, but you’ve only been at your new company for six months, so it’s just not “realistic”.  Maybe you desire to change your career path, but can’t because the reality of your situation is that you have young kids and just can’t take the risk.  Maybe you desire a work situation that allows you to do what you love.  Whatever the situation, the reality of your life won’t allow you to fully pursue your dreams, but why?

Our world is obsessed with reality.  I here phrases like, “the reality of it is…” or “That’s just not realistic.” I’ve watched “reality” television shows and I’ve noticed the things they have in common are conflict, drama, and disappointment.

The word “reality” is a dream crusher.  Talk to anyone that never pursued their dreams and I guarantee reality will come up quite a bit.  It’s the excuse that most use when they cannot pursue what they desire and must settle for something less, because it’s just not “realistic” to do anything else.

I don’t believe we have to accept reality, I believe we shape reality.  There are a myriad of stories of people that pursued their dreams in spite of their situations.  They overcame several obstacles to achieve success.

I’ve found myself in several situations where the reality of the situation kept me from pursuing something of significance.  I chose not accept those realities and began to shape them to fit my desires.  Here are 3 things you can do to begin to shape your own reality:

  1. Take ownership – My first job out of the Army was not ideal. The organization was a good one, but lacked a vision for the future.  That frustrated me because I wanted to make an impact in my first civilian job coming out the Army.  I was eager to start my new career path and I needed this first job to be my springboard into the future.  I decided to take ownership and influence the vision of the company.  I approached the Superintendent and suggested that we form a “vision” committee and that I would like to lead the committee to shape the vision of the future for the company.  He agreed and within three months we developed a clear vision of the future and I was able to shape my new position around that vision.  I was on my way!
  1. Be grateful – Your reality could be disconcerting. The facts of your situation may be overwhelming and if you focus on them, they could paralyze you from any action.  That’s why I always start by counting my blessings, because there are always many things that are in my favor if I take the time recognize them.  I can become discouraged easily when I lose a contract or get rejected by a prospect.  In those situations, I step out of my office and walk out on my back deck and survey the beautiful landscape in my backyard.  I remind myself of all the wonderful things in my life and the disappointment of the day quickly disappears.
  1. Find friends – Don’t face reality alone. You are not the only one that wants to change things at your work, or in your community, or at your church.  These people are your kindred spirits that harbor desires to improve the situation.  You don’t need to start a revolution, but you can form friendships with others that are like minded and desire to form a new reality that would benefit everyone.  I’ve never been successful at anything in my life without the support and help from others along the way.  Find someone that will join you on your journey and together you can bend your reality.

Never accept your reality if it’s keeping you from your dreams.  Reality will yield to determination if you simply apply it on a daily basis.  What is your current reality?  How is holding you back?  Are you willing to take steps to shape your own reality?

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