Get Lost!

Get Lost!

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Have you ever felt that sick feeling in your stomach when you realize you’re lost?  Do you remember the last time you were late getting somewhere and had no idea where you were going?  You can feel your stomach twist in knots and your face burn with anger as the frustration builds in your soul.  My wife says I tend to increase the speed of the family car when I get lost.  “Why speed up?  You’re just going nowhere faster!”

Growth requires us to get out of our comfort zone and try something new, to embark on a new path.  If we want to expand our lives we must expand our thinking, which will inevitably cause us to become lost.  I get frustrated when I don’t have the answers.  It bothers me to slow down and have to figure out what I’m doing and why something is not working.  I hate to pick up the phone and call someone for help.  I’m guessing you struggle with this as well.  If that’s not you, congrats.  You’re either an extremely humble person or you’re stuck in a familiar pattern and refusing to grow and expand your life.

It’s okay to be lost.  If you’re lost, that’s a positive signal that you’re on the right track, because if you’re lost, than you’re in new territory and exploring what life has to offer.  Becoming lost is a necessary part of the journey and is something that we must be willing to experience A LOT if our goal is to fully become what we were created to be in this world.

Do you remember your first week of a new job?  The smallest tasks, like finding basic office supplies, were difficult because you didn’t know where the supply room was located.  You accidentally sat in someone’s assigned seat at the start of a meeting and it was awkward when she called you out on it, “Um, that’s usually where I sit.”

What do you do when you don’t know where the supply room is or where to sit in a crowded room before a meeting?  You ask someone.  You get direction and acquire knowledge, so the next time you need a box of staples you know where to go.  You get your own assigned seat for the weekly staff meetings.  You’re happy because you know what you’re doing, but you eventually get comfortable and afraid to branch out.  You like knowing where to get your staples and you’ve grown accustomed to your assigned seat.  You don’t want to get lost again, because you like knowing where you’re going.  Don’t be that person.

It’s okay to admit you’re lost and if you are not lost RIGHT NOW then that is a major red flag.  No matter what phase of life you’re in or how old you are, you must live a life that requires you to become lost and grow in the process.

Here are the four steps to long term growth and success:

Step #1 – Get lost.  Try something new.  Go a different direction and jump onto a new path where you’re not sure where you are going.  This could be as simple as charting a new commute to work or starting a six week crash course in ballroom dancing with your spouse.  Get reckless and get lost!

Step #2 Admit your lost and ask for help.  Reach out to someone further along the path than you and allow them to be your guide.  Google ballroom dancing and learn more about the methods and styles you might be interested in and then find a ballroom instructor near you and book an introductory class.

Step #3 Help someone else.  Once you get on the right path and get comfortable, then reach back and offer a helping hand to someone that is behind you.  You’re are a success today, because someone was willing to help and guide you.  Pass on this gift and help and guide someone else.

Step #4 ­­Go back to Step #1.

No one likes the feeling of being lost, helpless, and without answers.  In fact, it’s a horrible feeling.  However, no one ever achieved anything of significance without being lost first, so don’t be afraid to get lost.  Are you lost in some part of your journey today?  If not, why?

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  1. My sister in law taught me years ago to say I am on an adventure instead of I am lost.

    1. Those are wise words, Penny!


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