Don’t Wait Until Life Is Perfect To Act

Don’t Wait Until Life Is Perfect To Act

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I’ll never forget the day I came home and my wife, Alia, had a gift for me.  It was a nice little surprise and I opened it with anticipation.  My heart sank when I saw the baby clothes appear as I pulled the wrapping paper.

I looked up in disbelief towards Alia and sat stunned for a moment.  Alia’s expression turned from excitement to confusion and I could see the tears of disappointment well up in her eyes.  I didn’t react the way she expected to the news that we were expecting a child.  We were both disappointed.

The truth is, we weren’t trying to get pregnant.  Alia was ready to have a child, but I was not.  I didn’t think we were ready.  We were newly married, I started a new job in Colorado, and we were in debt.  In my mind, our life was in disarray and it was not the appropriate time to bring a child into the world.

Last night, my twelve year old daughter, Ashley and I, shared a Starbucks together on our way home from softball practice.  We laughed and giggled together and simply enjoyed each other’s company.  It’s hard for me to imagine what life would be like without her.

Ashley is a gift and I cherish her.  It’s hard to believe that I once thought that I was not ready for her to be in my life, because my life was not perfect at the time.  The truth is, my life has never been perfect.  It’s an idea or excuse I play in my head when a major life decision looms over me.  I imagine a set of circumstances that must be present in order for me to take action.

I met Alia as a result of my sister’s death, not a perfect situation.  I ran the best cross country race of my life, my senior year at the Indiana High School State Association Boys State Meet the week after I was diagnosed with competition induced asthma.

My daughter was barely two years old when Alia and I sat stunned once again when the doctor notified us that we were pregnant with twin boys.  Again, I felt we were not ready.  We would need a bigger vehicle, a bigger house, and would have to make some major adjustments in preparation to introduce two new souls into our family.

Yes, once again, life was not perfect enough in my mind to accept this new challenge, but I had no choice, my two boys, Ryan and Adrian came home just before Christmas in 2005.  Nine years later, I cannot imagine life without them.

When I reflect on my life and think about all the good things that have occurred, I was not ready for any of it.  I met my wife when I didn’t think I was emotionally ready.  My daughter was born and I didn’t think I was financially ready.  My sons were born and I didn’t think I was logistically ready.

The bottom line, none of us are ready for change.  We get comfortable and imagine a perfect set of circumstances that will allow us to change something in our lives.  Those perfect set of circumstances will never be present, so we must decide to take action, in spite of the facts.  The ironic thing about life is that a truly perfect life is a flawed life.  Life is only perfect when we take action, because it’s what we become as a result of our actions that truly define us.

My circumstances have never been perfect, but my life is, simply because I choose to live it every single day in spite of myself and my silly conditions I put on my life.  Life can never be conditional, it just is, and time moves whether we want it or not.  We must choose to live and take action, or live in regret because life is never perfect enough for us to live it the way we dream it in our minds.  Stop wanting, and waiting, and start LIVING!  What can you take action on right now, in spite of your imperfect circumstances?

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  1. Proverbs 3:5-6
    5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
    When we trust in Him, our lives are fully in His hands. He knows exactly the plans he has for us and he knew exactly when to give you those beautiful gifts of children and he knew exactly how much you would love them and I believe through them you know exactly how much god loves you.
    I truly enjoy your writings and I am inspired every time. May our great God continue to bless you and your family richly.

    1. Thanks Pastor Tony! I appreciate your comments very much!


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