Don’t Let Life Steal Your Joy

Don’t Let Life Steal Your Joy

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I have so much I can be thankful for, but often it’s not enough, why?  I recently had a conversation with a young lady that lost her joy.  For her, life lost its luster and her once sparkling eyes were now dull and searching for answers.

“I’m happy on the outside, for others to see, but on the inside, I’m sad.” She frowns and then continues, “I want to feel like I used to, but I cannot seem to find the joy in my life anymore.”

I take a deep breath and soak in her concerns.  I take a sip of my coffee, “It’s called growing up.  You’re changing and your spirit is having a hard time adjusting to the changes, but it will catch up.”

Sadly, for some of us, our spirit never seems to catch up, but why?

We experience tragedy and it changes us forever, sometimes we make bad decisions and are still paying our debt from those decisions.  For others, we have mental or health issues that require professional help, but for all of us, there is one common thread that binds all of our circumstances and that is, “choice.”

We don’t choose what happens to us, but we do choose how we respond and most of us are not equipped to respond to life.  How do we respond to the death of a loved one?  How do we respond to disease? To hate? To pain? To betrayal?  I don’t think there is one single right answer that I can provide that will ease the pain of our circumstances, for the truth is life hurts.  There will be pain and suffering, there will be lies, deceit, anger, and darkness is very much a part of our world.

There will be many happy moments and several sad ones, but through it all there can always be joy, if we choose to accept that life on earth is just a fleeting moment, a puff of air that will not last and that there is a bigger and greater plan for us if we choose to accept it.  When we learn to approach life with the perspective that all this is temporary and that something greater awaits us, then we can begin to accept it for what life is, which is temporary.

I can endure the temporary pain and suffering of running a marathon, because I know what awaits me at the finish line.  I can endure long hours of work, because I know what awaits me on “payday”.  I can endure the pain of a hard workout, because I know good health is my reward.  Most of all, I can endure the pains of life, because I know what is waiting for me in the end.

Life will eventually take your youth, your health, your loved ones, but it CANNOT take your joy without your permission.  Your joy is a gift that stirs deep within your soul.  That joy is the revelation that there is a God that loves you and if you believe and accept His gift of eternal life, then you know deep down that your journey will transcend your flesh and become infinitely better.

Learn to cherish the happy moments, keep the sad moments in perspective, but most of all protect your joy and allow it to grow with the confidence that something amazing awaits and it’s especially prepared for you!

What is going on in your life right now that is stealing your joy and why are you allowing it?

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  1. Choice – it is the key – you are so right.

  2. Fantastic message.

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I appreciate your feedback!


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