If You Do Nothing Else This Year, Do This…

If You Do Nothing Else This Year, Do This…

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I love this time of year because it allows me to reset my expectations and set my goals for the year.  It’s a time of hope, excitement and renewal.  The New Year allows me to refocus my efforts and energy on the tasks that will elevate myself, my family, and honor God.

The past couple of years I’ve added a wrinkle to my goal setting activities, known as the “push goal”.  I first heard of this concept from bestselling author, Michael Hyatt.  The concept is simple, identify the ONE goal out of all your goals that if you achieve it, will make all your other goals much easier to achieve.  In essence, find that goal that will trigger everything else in your life to explode and align towards ultimate success.

It’s the domino effect.  “Push” this goal and everything else will follow like a string of dominoes lined perfectly and fall because the first domino was activated. This was a huge “aha!” moment for me when I first implemented it last year.  When you identify that one goal that will have the greatest impact on everything else in your life, then it makes it much easier to prioritize and focus throughout the year.  It takes the pressure off and allows you to truly align your tasks and activities toward what is important and will have the greatest impact.

This year I established ten goals that will have a huge impact on my family, my work, my community, and myself.  More importantly, I identified my push goal that will be my primary focus this year, and if achieved, will have a positive effect on all aspects of my life.

My push goal is to engage in a personal daily bible/prayer study and a weekly bible study with my family by the end January.  Why is this my push goal?  I’ve learned, the hard way, that I lean way too much on my own understanding and skills.  I’ve become arrogant and prideful in what I think I can accomplished and have realized that everything in my life is meaningless unless God is the center of it all; therefore, I decided that if I accomplish nothing else this year, I will at least allow God to take control of my life and everything else will work itself out.

Don’t get me wrong or misunderstand my thought process.  I will vigorously pursue the other nine goals that I set for myself, I will just not pursue them at the expense of my “push goal”, which is to build my relationship with the Lord.

This is my journey and your journey is much different than mine; however, the principle is still the same.  Everyone needs a “push goal” and should identify that goal and pursue it with enthusiasm and diligence throughout the year.

Have you set some goals this year?  If so, what is the one goal that will ignite the rest, what is YOUR push goal?

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