Live Your Story

Live Your Story

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Lauren Hill, a vibrant 18-year-old young woman, had her entire life in front of her.  She was a great basketball player and in October 2013 she committed to play collegiate basketball at Mount Saint Joseph University in Ohio.  Forty-nine days later she notified the university that she was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.  And over a year later, she was dead.

How do you define a life cut short too soon?  Most of us live out the majority of our lives in relative comfort.  Lauren lived her final days in total discomfort, but she lived it in spite of her death sentence.  It was her story and she was determined to live it, and ultimately her story gripped the sports nation and thousands of people were touched by her courage to LIVE.

Lauren knew the disease would take her life.  She had a choice and so she chose to live life to the fullest until life was taken from her in April 2015.  She decided to play collegiate basketball at Mount Saint Joe and on November 2nd, 2014, Lauren stepped onto the basketball court at Xavier University’s Cintas Center in Ohio.  With the bright lights and the loud noise of the sold out crowd of 10,000, Lauren scored the game’s first basket and the crowd erupted.

The discomfort from the light and noise was so taxing on her damaged brain, that Lauren had to wear sunglasses and head phones to dampen the affects while she was on the bench.  Lauren played through the pain and scored the game’s final point and thus she continued to live her story through four more games until finally the affects of the cancer were too much for her to physically bear.  Lauren lost her battle to cancer only a few months later.  Her body left the world, but her spirit continues to shine, because Lauren embraced her story and lived her story in spite of its imperfections.

And so here we are, with our own stories, but are we living them?  Or, are we hiding from our stories?  Rejecting them?  Whatever is going on in your life, it’s your story.  Own it.  You’ve made choices and they were not always good ones, but your story is unique to you and is a blessing to you and to others.  Each life is precious and has purpose, you have purpose.

Lauren’s story is a reminder to us all that life will fail us, it’s only a matter of time before death eventually finds us, but death is easy, living is much harder.  To live is to choose life and to embrace our story, so stop hiding and start living.  Follow Lauren’s example and embrace your circumstance and live in spite of them and send shock-waves into the world that will last long after you’re gone.  How will you live today?

To date, Lauren Hill’s cancer foundation, The Cure Starts Now, has raised over $2 million for cancer research.  To learn more about Lauren and the foundation CLICK HERE.

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