What’s Keeping You From Success?

What’s Keeping You From Success?

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I recently listened to an interview of a very successful entrepreneur.  He successfully started several companies and invested in many more, like Uber.  He recounted a recent visit to Stanford where he spoke to a class on entrepreneurship.  He stated bluntly to the class, “Successful entrepreneurs wouldn’t take a class on how to be an entrepreneur.”

There was an awkward silence in the classroom.  He spoke again, “Entrepreneurs are doers and learn from doing and not from books or case studies in the sterile environment of a classroom.  You want to learn how to be entrepreneur?  Go out and become one.”

I also heard a famous comedian say the same thing.  He stated, “I would never speak to a class on how to be a comedian.  The very fact that you have to take a class on comedy tells me everything I need to know about you.  You simply will never be funny.”

I’m a proponent of education and I believe it plays a vital role in a person’s development.  Some careers require certifications and degrees in order to progress; however, I also think education can become a crutch and an excuse as to why one is not successful.  What do we do when we’re not sure where to go next on our journey?  We take a course or a class, why?

I don’t have to look far to find role models of success.  My mother never stepped foot into a higher education classroom, yet she reached the pinnacle of success in her career in sales with Home Interiors and Gifts, Inc.  She built a million dollar organization and reached the top in sales, elevating herself above thousands of sales professionals in her industry.

My dad, a college dropout, became the Chief of Police, Chairman of the Board of Public Works, and started and sold several successful startup businesses.  My parents are debt free, own multiple homes, own nice cars, and have cash flow to enjoy and support their lives.

My mom attended seminars, so did my dad.  They both devoured books and surrounded themselves with mentors, but the one principle they applied and did it on a consistent basis, was taking action.  They were willing to take risks and took necessary steps to elevate themselves and those around them despite their fears.

I watched my dad fail and fall flat on his face on several occasions, but I watched him grow and become stronger after each failure.  I had the pleasure to observe my dad mentor many men and women with Master’s degrees, people a lot smarter than him, but came to my dad for advice and career enhancement because Dad was a success.

The primary principle that separates the successful from the not-so-successful is “action”.  Successful people are doers, it’s pretty simple really.  Success is always born from action and those that are willing to assume risk and willing to fail.  The hard reality of life is that you will eventually fail, so you might as well fail at doing something you love.

I’ve discovered that the best way to move forward is to surround myself with people I respect and are successful.  Their mentorship and support always give me the courage to move forward in my life and to take the actions I need to elevate my career and life.

Success is closer than you think.  It’s time to take action.  What’s burning in your heart, and what’s keeping you from taking action on the things in life that you desire?  Find someone that is in the same field as you and ask good questions, then take action and become what you were destined to be in life.  Take action today and setup an appointment with someone of success and watch the doors of opportunity open for you.

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