You Must Be On the Right Team to Win

You Must Be On the Right Team to Win

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Are you frustrated with your life?  Maybe you’re on the wrong team.  There are a myriad of variables and reasons for success.  One of those variables are the people you surround yourself with and work with on a daily basis.

Do you ever feel like you’re swimming upstream and simply cannot get ahead in life, no matter how hard you try?  I recently had a friend who found himself in this situation.  It pained me to hear his voice over the phone.  I could hear the sorrow in his words and desperation in his tone.

He lost confidence in his company.  His leadership disrespected him and no longer valued his opinion.  Every small detail with his company became a struggle.  He tried to make it work and to hold on to his position and worked hard for his company, but it simply wasn’t working.  He made the difficult decision to leave his company and found a suitable team and a more favorable situation.  His mood immediately changed and his outlook became infinitely brighter, simply because he just needed to resign to the fact he was on the wrong team.

It’s hard to accept that our work situation or career is stalled and that we must make life altering decisions in order to get things back on track.  It’s challenging to endure change, especially when it involves our careers.  Life constantly evolves and our situations are fluid and often change for the worse.  It’s in those times that we must recognize the dynamics of life and become willing to adapt or fall into a rut that many find themselves when they refuse to accept the realities of their situations.

Don’t get caught in the trap of “accepting” your situation because you’re afraid to change.  Being on the right team is infinitely important to your long term success.  Here are four signs that you may be on the wrong team and it’s time for a change:

  1. Your friends tell you. Your close friends and family know you best.  If you begin to hear them mention that you should move on with your life or begin to question why you’re working for your current company, then that’s a “red flag” that you shouldn’t take lightly.  Your friends know you.  Listen to them.
  1. Your gut tells you. Your inner voice is a powerful indicator when things are not right.  It’s that uncomfortable stir you feel deep inside your soul when something is “off” in your life.  This inner voice cannot be ignored.
  1. It’s awkward at work. Do you feel out of place at work?  Are your opinions heard or is your leadership blowing you off?  Respect is a big deal for us all.  When someone lacks respect for you and your opinion, it stings.  When you begin to feel awkward at your workplace.  It may be time to reconsider your career path and your work environment.
  1. You’ve lost your joy. You should draw pleasure from your work.  If you find yourself dreading your workdays, then you must rethink you work situation.  I know many people that love what they do.  There’s a twinkle in their eyes when they discuss their work.  I also know many people that hate what they do.  It’s painful to hear them speak about their work as if it’s something they must endure to get to their weekends.  A big part of your work experience is the people you work with and your team.  If you find you’ve lost your joy, then ask yourself is it the work? Or, is it the people?

Life’s not perfect.  Your work isn’t perfect and God knows the people you work with are not perfect.  However, work shouldn’t be a prison sentence you must endure until you have enough resources to walk away from it.  If you find yourself in a situation that is less than perfect, then ask yourself why?  If the answer involves your team, then begin to plan your exit strategy, for your life is way too short not to draw tremendous satisfaction in the work you do and most importantly the people you do it with on a continual basis.  How strong is your team?  Is it the right team?  What does your gut tell you?

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  1. Excellent thoughts today. Thank you. I recently went through something very similar. I went through your list of 4 items AND I found myself constantly praying asking for guidance. The answer became very clear.

    While I miss my friends from my previous employer, it is such a great feeling to meet new people at my new company and make new friends and create new adventures. Honestly, it is exhilarating.

    Lastly, your previous thoughts “Are You Viewing Life from a Dirty Windshield” ( fit hand in glove.

    As I was traveling down my the road with my previous employer, the windshield got more and more dirty. Yes, I stopped and cleaned it occasionally, but eventually the bug juice, dust and bird droppings were too much. It was time to get a new windshield. 🙂

    1. Great thoughts, Gary, and good for you! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Right on, Erick! I always loved my jobs…..and in talking about my one job, Alyce said she wanted to work at Liniger’s when she grows up. She didn’t, of course, as she got married, went into Air Force – and not in that order.

    1. Nice story, thanks!


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