Everyone Wants to be Noticed

Everyone Wants to be Noticed

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I’ve been told that I’m a positive person.  That’s always surprised me, because I don’t see myself as a positive person.  I have my ups and downs, like everyone else, and I can be just as grumpy and negative as the next person.  Recently I discovered why some feel I’m positive, and it’s so obvious that I’m baffled that I never realized it earlier.  I notice people, it’s that simple.

Many years ago, while I was in high school, my parents received a letter from my physical education teacher.  He noted that I was very accommodating to my classmates, especially to the less popular ones, and the ones with special needs.  My mother teared up when she read the note, and I became embarrassed.  I still remember the feeling of being noticed by my teacher.  It made me feel fantastic about myself and increased my respect towards him.

I don’t think I did anything special by associating with my classmates, but my teacher recognized it and noticed me and took the time to edify me to my parents.  He singled me out and encouraged me.

Life can be daunting and many times we feel that we’re not up to the task, but as soon as someone notices us and uplifts us with an encouraging word, a phone call, or a note, then life seems to get a little easier and we feel empowered to face the challenges ahead of us.

Do you want to have an impact on someone’s life?  Notice them.  Notice what makes them unique and what separates them from others and acknowledge it.  Do that more often and you will leave a trail of happiness and encouragement behind you.

I’ve made it a habit to notice the good things about everyone I meet.  Some people bother me and it’s work to be around them.  I struggle to remain positive and I must force myself to notice something good about them.  I’ve learned that everyone has a redeeming quality and when I take the time to notice it, then my opinion towards them begins to shift and my mood lightens when I’m around them.  I’ve learned to take notice, speak up, and encourage those around me. As a result, I’ve developed quality and lasting relationships.

Take time to notice someone and you will begin to witness the beauty of an encouraged life.  Who will you notice today?

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