What Is Your Passion?

What Is Your Passion?

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My friend, Tim, recently shared a story of love and passion.  He recounted the memory when he decided to marry his girlfriend, Jen.  Just three months into the relationship, he knew immediately that she was the one and he could not imagine a future without her by his side.


Loaded with caffeine and fueled with the passion of young love, Tim jumped in his car and drove all night, just over 1,000 miles from Indiana to Colorado to meet with Jen’s father to ask for his permission to marry his daughter.

It was awesome to experience Tim tell the story, because I could hear the music in his voice and could see the twinkle in his eye as he remembered the feeling of gaining the approval of Jen’s father and starting the next chapter in his life.  He expressed the exhilaration he felt when he discovered the woman he would spend the rest of his life with on this earth.

I love Tim’s story, because it gives us a taste of the power of passion.  Nothing was going to come between Tim and his love, Jen.  Not a 2,000-mile roundtrip journey, the elements, or the weariness and long mind-numbing hours in the middle of nowhere along I-70 as he made his trek to Colorado.

I can imagine the emotions and thoughts running through Tim’s mind and heart as he drove 32 hours to Colorado and back.  I imagine Tim’s thoughts and soul were filled with joy and anticipation as he began his life with his soul-mate.  I wasn’t there with him on this journey, but I’m certain there was one thought that never entered his mind.  I guarantee he never experienced doubt.

A longtime friend called me to discuss his career and his future.  He shared his doubts about his chosen path and he wanted to get my thoughts.  “I can tell you one thing for certain, if you are experiencing doubt, then I know you’re not pursuing your true passion.”  I made that statement to my friend, because I know doubt and passion cannot coexist.

Logic has its place in our lives, but passion fuels our souls and elevates us to new heights.  Passion is what drives us to face fear and embark on paths that may seem impossible.  Without passion, there is no purpose, because passion is a necessary element in the foundation of our lives.

If you are living a life without passion, then you are living a life without purpose.  Purpose has three primary elements:  passion, faith, and personal skillsets or strengths.  All three must be present if we are to live a life of purpose, with passion being the fuel that keeps our dreams alive.

Life was not meant to be a grind, waiting for a set of conditions that allow us to retire and then hopefully enjoy whatever time we have left.  Life was meant to be an unbelievable experience, a gift that we unwrap everyday with anticipation, the same anticipation that Tim felt as he drove solo into the night towards the rest of his life.

If there is no passion in your life, or you’ve lost your passion that you once had in your life,  don’t be troubled, we all experience this.  Life is not easy and daily obstacles can overwhelm us, which is why we were meant to congregate and support one another.  This is the primary reason I write this blog on a weekly basis so that I may encourage others to keep going and to continue striving and reaching for what awaits around the corner on our journeys, even when it doesn’t make sense, because a life without a pursuit of something special and greater is no life at all.  We were meant to pursue our dreams.

What is your passion?  What inspires you to get up every morning?  Are you pursuing that fire deep within your heart and if not, what’s holding you back?

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