What’s Your Roadmap to Success?

What’s Your Roadmap to Success?

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It’s safe to assume we all strive to be successful, but do you truly know what success looks like?  I’ve realized that many want success, but only a few are taking the consistent steps to achieve it.  The fundamental question is why?

I believe there are two primary reasons for a lack of success.  The first is quite simple, but critical, if anyone desires to achieve it.  Most fail to fully understand where they are.  When giving talks to organizations I often ask, “What’s the first thing you do when you become lost?”  Everyone always answers correctly when they respond, “Figure out where you are!”

I find that some people I interact with are simply lost.  For whatever reason, they’ve drifted in life and lost their way and haven’t fully come to grips with where they are in their journey.  They are actively working and doing tasks, but without purpose.  To me, there is nothing sadder than when I observe a human being without a purpose.

If you’re still breathing, you have purpose.  There is no question in my mind that you are meant for something special and have tremendous value to add to this world.  If you’re frustrated, depressed, or have no passion for life, then you are just lost and need to find your way back to your path.  This starts with discovering where you are, but how do you do this?  Here’s what I do:

  1. Stop and assess the critical components of your life. These components include: spiritual, health, close relationships, finances, and career path.  How are you doing in each of these areas?  If the answer is “not great”, than what’s going on in that area that needs attention?


  1. Seek accountability. Sometimes you may know something is off in one of your critical components, but you can’t put your finger on it, or you’re simply clueless that something is wrong.  You should invite someone you respect to help you evaluate your critical components and then seek advice on how to clean up the mess you’ve created.  Sometimes it may take a few people that are experts or of value in a specific area of your life.  The bottom line is to seek accountability and help.


Once you assess where you are by evaluating your critical areas, then it’s time to focus on the second reason success alludes so many.  There must be a clear definition of success.  If you’re not clear on what success looks like, then how will you recognize success once you achieve it?  I find that most have an idea of what success may feel like or have some broad idea of what they want, but never critically evaluate and define what success truly means.  So how do you begin to define success?  Here’s what I do:

  1. Identify your passion. Your passions are no accident.  I believe your passions are the clues God plants in your heart that leads to your purpose.  When you work within your passion, then it doesn’t feel like work at all, in fact you cherish the moments when passion burns inside your soul and carries you to a new level in your life.  Don’t ignore your passions, unpack them, and discover where they lead you.


  1. Identify your sweet spot. We’ve all experienced that feeling when we can do no wrong.  We’re in the zone and taking life by the reins and nothing can stop us.  That’s our sweet spot.  I remember watching high school basketball phenom, Damon Bailey, play at the Indiana Boys Basketball High School State Finals back in 1990.  He played smooth and made the game look so easy.  He appeared to be a man among boys and carved up the opposing team.  I was in awe of has command of the game and how easy it came to him.  He was in his sweet spot.  Find your sweet spot.


  1. Write Down Your Vision. Have you ever taken the time to write down what your life will look like ten years from now?  Find a quiet spot and write down what your life looks like ten years from today and write as if it is present tense.  Allow yourself to dream and reflect on how it makes you feel to write down and experience life a decade into the future as if it was happening right now.  You may be surprised what emerges from deep within your heart.


Take the time to identify where you are on your journey and where you would like to go.  Don’t waste time, and run through the activities I suggest, and you’ll been on your way.  What does success look like for you?

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