Only Teams Win

Only Teams Win

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I’m humbled to write this post for I don’t feel I truly deserve the blessings I’ve received the past few weeks.  I write this blog while cruising over 30,000 feet on a return flight home.  Today I spoke to a wonderful group of utility professionals in San Antonio, Texas.  I pursued my passion and purpose today, because of dozens of unbelievable people that continue to support and uplift me every day.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I laid incapacitated by a gasoline fire that left me burned and in pain.  Today, I fly home after a successful business trip and completely pain free, because dozens of people in my life cared enough to come to my aid and helped me recover so that I could continue to work and support my family.  Yes, I’m truly humbled.

I often speak from stage that no one can achieve significance without the help of others.  There is no such thing as a self-made man or self-made woman.  Individuals may achieve short term success, but in the end, only teams ultimately win.  I’m proud to say that I have an unbelievable team and I’m grateful for all the wonderful men and women in my life that care enough to support my efforts.  I feel underserving of their support and worry that I will fall short and disappoint my friends, family, colleagues, and team members.  I strive every day to meet the expectations of those that sacrifice their time, energy, money, and ego to support me.  I hope I make them proud.

I’m convinced now more than ever that there is power in “we” and no room in life for a “me” attitude.  Strength truly comes with numbers, and the more quality people you have on your team, the greater chance of success.  That’s why I encourage you to recruit as many good people to join your cause.  Attract good people, flush the ones that drag you down, and continue to encourage and uplift those that are in your inner circle, because when you need support, a strong team is your only hope for survival.

Be grateful for those that are willing to stand by you and honor them.  Be a good team player and be willing to submit your ego for the greater good of the team and be ready to support a team member in times of need.

When conflict and pain enters your life, your team will uplift and encourage you.  When you strive to reach a new level, your team will support you.  When you fail, your team will pick you back up.  Teams, not individuals, truly win, so it’s paramount that you develop a strong and viable team that will help you grow and will challenge you to greater success and significance.  Do you have a winning team?

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  1. As one of the many that have come to know and appreciate you through the years, I can’t think of a single instance where you have disappointed. You are a wonderful person and we all love being around your positive, “can do”, glass half full, we can do this together attitude.

    Continued prayers on your healing. Thanks for another wonderful blog post.



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