30 Oct 2017

How To Communicate Effectively

The more I speak in front of groups of professional men and women, the more I appreciate the power of communication. This year, I’ve expanded my speaking opportunities and have traveled the country speaking to hundreds of professionals on human dynamics. It’s been great to have the work and humbling to know that people value my presentations.

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03 Oct 2017

If You Could Do It Over Again, Would You?

There’s nothing more majestic than a crisp, fall, Saturday afternoon at West Point, nestled off the Hudson River, among the rocks, deciduous trees and the fall colored leaves welcoming the changing of the seasons. The sights and sounds of a collegiate football game fill the air as I sit with my longtime friends and enjoy the pageantry that comes with a gridiron contest, a tradition nearly as old as West Point itself.

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18 Sep 2017

Stretch Yourself To Success

I developed a love/hate relationship with the nurses at the Eskenazi Burn Unit during my recovery and physical therapy after my fire accident. Twice a week I would make the journey up to Indianapolis and meet with my burn team that oversaw my care and welfare. They would greet me with a smile and then proceed to remove my bandages, exposing my injuries, and aggressively clean my wounds, not seeming to care or notice that it hurt me.

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05 Sep 2017

The Day We Met an Angel in NYC

My family followed me down the steps into the busy underground enigma that is the New York City subway system. The sounds, the smells, and the visuals are like no other experience on earth. The mass of humanity and the stale air can be daunting to outsiders, like me and my family.

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28 Aug 2017

The Two-Part Formula to Have an Impact in Life

I believe we all want to have an impact in our lives and in the lives of those that are close to us. Nobody wants to live a meaningless life. What does it mean to have an impact? It means that you alter the behavior of others in a way that it makes a positive difference.

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