26 Feb 2013

“Cooperate and Graduate!” – West Point Life Lesson #4

Within my first week at West Point, I was already contemplating quitting and heading back home to Indiana.  I was miserable.  I was getting no sleep, I was exhausted.  I did nothing right and was constantly being corrected and berated by upperclassmen.  I was afraid, alone, and in utter despair.  Maybe I was wrong, maybe […]

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19 Feb 2013

Train your body and conquer your mind – Running Life Lesson #4

It was a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon at the United States Naval Academy my senior year as a West Point Cadet.  I was scheduled to compete in the 5,000 Meters to help Army beat Navy in our annual head-to-head Army/Navy Track Meet. No matter what would happen every season, our number one goal was to […]

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05 Feb 2013

To Cheat or Not To Cheat? – West Point Life Lesson #3

As a Cadet at the United States Military Academy, I was required to memorize a lot of “Plebe Knowledge”.  I was issued a small black book affectionately called Bugle Notes.  This little book was packed with mottos, mission statements, quotes and other fun facts regarding the history and heritage of West Point.  An upper class […]

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30 Jan 2013

Building a Championship High School XC Team

On a beautiful Fall Saturday morning I witnessed a group of young men and women compete with dignity and grace en route to their first ever Private School State Varsity Cross Country Championship.  It was merely a year ago when we barely had a boy’s team and did not even have a girl’s team to […]

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