22 Oct 2012

Why are you not as successful as you want to be?

Do you know someone that seems to be successful at everything he pursues? It seems like he gets all the breaks and life just seems to come easy to him? At the same time you are struggling and have to work at every aspect in your life and nothing seems to come easy to you? […]

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18 Sep 2012

Delayed Gratification – Running Life Lesson #1

My sophomore year at Anderson High School, I was racing in the Boys Varsity Cross Country Semi-State meet.  I was 15 years old and had grown much stronger from the gangly and awkward freshman I was the year prior, when I finished 75th in the State meet.   This was a big race and up […]

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13 Sep 2012

“See you in Boise!” Running Life Lesson #3

One morning, in the fall of 1994, after finishing a subpar practice where I lagged behind the United States Military Academy Varsity Cross Country team, my team captain sat next to me while we stretched. The year before, my junior year, our team finished 6th in the nation at the NCAA Division I Championships in […]

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11 Sep 2012

It Get’s Easier…TRUST Me! Running Life Lesson #2

Whenever I begin a new season of running, the first training run is my hardest.  My legs scream and whine at me as I try to take my first steps.  My heart rate shoots through the roof and pounds in my chest within minutes of taking my first stride.  My ankles hurt, my knees hurt, […]

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