13 Sep 2012

“See you in Boise!” Running Life Lesson #3

One morning, in the fall of 1994, after finishing a subpar practice where I lagged behind the United States Military Academy Varsity Cross Country team, my team captain sat next to me while we stretched. The year before, my junior year, our team finished 6th in the nation at the NCAA Division I Championships in […]

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11 Sep 2012

It Get’s Easier…TRUST Me! Running Life Lesson #2

Whenever I begin a new season of running, the first training run is my hardest.  My legs scream and whine at me as I try to take my first steps.  My heart rate shoots through the roof and pounds in my chest within minutes of taking my first stride.  My ankles hurt, my knees hurt, […]

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24 Aug 2012

“No excuse, sir!” West Point life lesson #2

Reception day or “R-day” is the first day of orientation for a New Cadet entering West Point. This is the first day of a New Cadet’s summer training known as, “Beast Barracks”. R-day is a day that every West Point graduate remembers in vivid detail.

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16 Aug 2012

What does EXCELLENCE smell like?

Today after a hard track workout with the Lighthouse Cristian Academy Varsity Cross-Country team I was loading up the runners into my van.  I peeked over my shoulder to take a gander at my tired and sweaty runners lounging in the back of the van and made the comment about how I was going to […]

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