Category: Purpose

09 Jul 2013

Why do I run?

The cold air rushes over my numb face.  My heart pounds with every step and my eyes are fixed on the leaf covered trail in front of me.  The yellow and rose colored canopy of trees forms a long tunnel over me.  It’s a beautiful fall morning so I pick up my knees and feel the rush of exhilaration as I get faster and faster.  I cannot be stopped today, my body feels light but my soul feels lighter.  I am lifted up by God on this day and can feel my soul leap out of my chest and leave my heavy sin filled body behind this morning.  My eyes lift up towards the heavens for now, at this moment, I am running with the Lord, my Savior.

I run because this is the gift God gave me.  I feel whole and filled with purpose when I am up early and everyone else is asleep.  I can sense the angels smiling on me and soaring with me in this tunnel of hope.  My body aches and is tired, but my soul is energetic and full of joy; for the Holy Spirit fills my core.  The ground is soft; I cut through the wind, and am comforted at the warmth of God’s smile.

I run because I must discipline my flesh and am willing to honor the Lord with the gift he gave me.  Today, I honor the Lord, and tomorrow I will do it again, because this is how I worship God.  My soul sings with each step, my heart beats strong for God, because at this very moment the enemy no longer exists and cannot touch me.  I run with the Lord, because without him, I would not be here.  I appreciate every breath of oxygen that fills my lungs and strengthens my body.

I run until my body can no longer take another step.  My legs ache, my lungs scream for me to stop, I take deep gasping breaths and raise my arms and reach for the Lord.  Someday soon, He will reach back and lift me up into his arms; someday I will run up to Heaven and into His presence where eternal peace awaits.  Until then, I will get up in the  morning, in the cover of darkness, when everyone else is warm in their beds and will meet the Lord for our morning run.  I will worship and honor my God with the sound of my rhythmic running steps heard only by the trees and the angels that surround me and protect me.  The trail is dark in this earthly world, but filled by light and hope in the spiritual world, for I know that the Lord is with me every step of the way!  Amen.

04 Jun 2013

Why the News Media Does Not Represent America

One morning, while eating breakfast, I was flipping through the channels to catch up on the latest news.  Every news channel whether it was local or national had a common theme, it was negative.  Whether it was a titillating trial of a high profile murder case, a devastating kidnapping case, terrorism home and abroad, more racism, poignant social debates, or politicians gone bad, it was just a continuous narrative of everything that is wrong with our country.

That is not the America I see as I travel the country for my job.  I love traveling because it gives me the opportunity to get out of my bubble and out in the U.S. to experience other communities and different circles of people from all walks of life.  What I see on a recurring basis is extremely positive.

In Texas, I find communities made of hard working Texans that own a lot of land and are proud of their heritage.  In South Dakota, I interact with trustworthy individuals that earn an honest living and are always willing to help me in every way.  In Nebraska, I work with people that are extremely sharp and creative in what they do.  Down in Florida, I rub shoulders with happy people that always do what they said they would do.  Out in Oklahoma, I find people that are proud of their traditions and are striving to make their communities better places to live.  I could go on and on with examples of fine Americans scattered throughout the U.S. that are living examples of why I am proud of our country and who we are as a people.

Yes, we have pockets of evil in our society, but the good far outweighs the bad and I am proud to be associated with all the great people and wonderful communities I work with everyday.  So instead of flipping through the channels of the negative, sensationalized, and “made for T.V.” news, I choose to flip through the channels of the reality of what is actually out there in all corners of our country, which are intelligent, hardworking and trustworthy people that truly make up our great nation.