Conferences must have texture and a catalyst that will motivate and inspire attendees to apply what they’ve learned and to elevate themselves professionally and personally. I work hard to personalize my talks to fit your audience and guarantee your audience will walk away from my presentation inspired.

My goal is to enhance your event and provide powerful content that will have your audience buzzing during and after the conference is over and will ultimately leave a lasting impact.

“After Erick finished his presentation, he received a standing ovation. Our group was so impressed with him."
- CATHERINE POPPE, Fayette Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

“Erick is full of energy and truly engages with the audience. You can tell by looking around the room that people are really listening to him. We've had him speak at more than one event now.”
- RUSSEL OLSON, Heartland Consumers Power District

The World Belongs to the Encourager


Life is hard and challenging, especially with change as our constant companion; however, there is one relationship tool that will never become obsolete, ”Encouragement.” In this motivational talk, I share a compelling real-world story of rags to riches and will invite the audience to embrace the idea of becoming an encourager and show them why it’s their greatest investment for success.

Learning Objectives:

1. Discover how encouragement starts from within and how to apply three principles to become comfortable within your own world.

2. Learn the three keys to encouraging others and why it’s important for long term success.

3. How encouragement attracts success.

“Erick provided a captivating talk and left my participants wanting more! My only regret is that I didn't give him more time."

– Robin Feezer, Wyoming Rural Electric Cooperatives

Why Becoming A Person Of Influence Should Be Your #1 Priority


One cannot achieve anything of significance without the help of others. That’s why it’s paramount to gain buy-in from others to achieve true success. My premise in this talk is that the success in your life is proportional to the influence you have with others and that your influence is the result of your “vibe.”

To gain influence, one must understand human dynamics and become proficient at change management and learn how to guide the levers of change. The world is dynamic and constantly evolving, which is why those that learn to leverage change as a tool for influence will achieve great success.

This talk is motivational, inspirational, and will move the audience to utilize the tools of influence I will teach them over the course of a 45-minute presentation.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the three keys to influence.

2. Learn the four principles that enhance influence.

3. Learn how to bring tremendous value to others.

"Erick's speaker evaluation ratings are among the highest I've ever seen for a conference speaker!"

- Lori Kalscheuer, Wisconsin Bankers Association

I understand the challenge of coordinating and hosting a conference that will add value to your participants. I serve on conference committees myself and I am fully aware that quality speakers are the upmost importance to the success of your event. Like you, I want the events I plan to be memorable, so I spend countless hours deciding on great topics to include in my events and even more time finding the right speakers to fit into my theme for the event. I’ve been in your shoes and want to help you make your event a huge success and would be honored to be a part of it. Thanks for stopping by and considering me.

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