Influence is the foundation of leadership and is paramount to lead and bring change that will have a lasting impact on an organization. Communication is a must to develop influence. Nonverbal communication is major element in successful communication, which is why I leveraged my skills as a former U.S. Army Military Police Officer and special investigator in Europe and Bosnia-Herzegovina to provide useful tips and techniques through body language interpretation to enhance communication skills and build influence with others. My keynotes and workshops are relevant for any workplace environment and industry as everyone must possess communication skills to achieve long-term success.

"Erick’s presentation opened my eyes to all the communication cues we can use to not only become a great communicator and advance our organizations, but also to advance in our own careers."
- BARRY MOLINE, Florida Municipal Electric Association

"I've had the pleasure of experiencing Erick's presentations and would highly recommend him for your event. He has a unique ability to capture an audience's attention and deliver a message that resonates long after the event is over.”
- BECKY T. KELLY, Trust Education Foundation

Lead Without Speaking – The Importance of Nonverbal Communication


You cannot achieve anything of significance without the help of others. Solid communication skills are paramount if you desire to gain buy-in from your colleagues, leadership, friends, and family; however, your words are only part of your communication repertoire. Studies show that 55% of communication is nonverbal and two people will signal over 800 nonverbal cues over the course of a thirty-minute conversation. That’s why I developed a highly entertaining and informational one-hour keynote that teaches the audience the basic principles and application of body language and techniques that can be used immediately to enhance communication and influence

Learning Objectives:

1. How to use body language to determine a person’s level of comfort, agreement, and authenticity.

2. Understanding how your “vibe” affects others and alters the human dynamics of a situation.

3. Learn how to leverage nonverbal cues to enhance communication skills.

"Erick’s nonverbal communication workshop was captivating, informative, interesting, and practical."

- Tom P. Kearns, Fairfield and Woods P.C.

The Relevance and Necessity of Nonverbal Communication and Its Impact On Your Career and Life


This is a deeper dive into the world of nonverbal communication and body language interpretation. Having a full understanding and appreciation for nonverbal cues and leveraging body language to elevate human dynamics is key to achieve long-term success. I developed a highly entertaining and informational half-day and full-day workshop that teaches participants the principles and application of body language and techniques that can be used immediately to enhance communication and influence.

Learning Objectives:

1. Gain an appreciation of human dynamics and why people do what they do.

2. Learn the five body language channels and how to apply them in your work.

3. Understanding how your “vibe” affects others and alters the human dynamics of a situation.

4. Learn negotiation techniques and how to leverage body language to your advantage in negotiation settings.

"Erick gave a remarkable presentation and insight on body language while dealing with a physical issue from an accident. I would highly recommend him.”

- Mike Vinson, Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association

You cannot master influence without becoming a masterful communicator. Understanding nonverbal influence and its role in communication is paramount in the world of leadership. It’s my goal to help you master the art and science behind nonverbal communication and how to leverage it to your advantage in all forums.

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