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Timothy Woodcock

Timothy Woodcock served in multiple leadership roles over the past 15 years, both in the for-profit and non-profit workplace. Timothy's unique teaching and communication ability transcends a multi-generational demographic of people. His keynote speaking allowed him to speak in multiple nations across the globe and work with leaders all over the world.

Through many unique leadership and coaching opportunities, Tim embraces the challenge of remaining relevant in communicating to an ever-changing culture. Tim is passionate about working with leaders who view their position as a platform to make a lasting and positive impact with people and culture.

Cultivating a Healthy Culture


Culture is essentially all about a value system. What does your team want to be most defined by and what are the core values that you are willing to spend your time, energy, and resources on to improve your organization? Too many times, as leaders, we get so focused on results and goals and doing whatever it takes to obtain those goals, that we ignore the key component of what it takes to create something that is lasting and sustainable – Healthy Culture!

"Culture is what we believe, how we behave, and the experience that our behavior produces for each other.”
- Urban Meyer

Learning Objectives:

1. Three key components to a healthy culture. What it looks like and feels like.

2. How to communicate and instill the values that you/your company want to be defined by.

3. How to build something that is lasting and sustainable where people want to belong.

"Tim was awesome! The feedback I have received, just in passing, has been excellent. What I am hearing the most is what he shared is applicable in all aspects of life, home, work, etc."

– Susan Alexander, Richmond Power and Light

Motivating a Multi-Generational Workforce


The challenge with today’s leaders is that they are now dealing with 3-4 different generations in the work place that all bring a unique culture in regards to values, structure, format, communication, and significance. Each generation has it’s own language and is motivated differently.

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.” - George Orwell

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn what each generation in your team values and what they seek for in their work experience.

2. Learn how each generation interprets how these values are being met or performed.

3. Learn the art of communication and how to genuinely connect with and motivate the diverse demographic of people working on your team.

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