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EVENT NAME: ONE Conference

SPONSOR: Illinois Bankers Education Services

PRESENTATION: Lead Without Speaking - The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

LOCATION: East Peoria, IL

DATE: March 1, 2018









"Erick's speaker evaluation ratings are among the highest I've ever seen for a conference speaker!"

- LORI KALSCHEUER, Wisconsin Bankers Association

"Erick's presentations were the highest rated sessions we've ever had at our conference with 95%, 5-star ratings. We've never had a presenter connect so well with our audience."

- RAY L. UNGER, Accutech Systems Corporation



My mission is to serve you and add tremendous value to your audience.



Motivational Keynote Presentations

I will start your conference with a bang and have your attendees buzzing or close your conference with strong content that will send everyone off inspired.

Nonverbal Influence Presentations & Workshops

Good communication is the cornerstone of success. My presentations and workshops will equip your attendees or team with the skills to leverage body language techniques that will lead to success and greater influence.

Utility Key Accounts Management Training

My proven formula for building and maintaining a strong key accounts program for business communities will help your utility develop the proper customer support foundation.

Discover Significance Presentations & Workshops

What is your purpose, but most important, what will be your legacy? My goal is to help you rediscover your passion, so that you can redefine your purpose, and then gain the courage to take action now.



Relationships Are Painful, Get Over It!

We hurt one another, it’s what we do. The stark fact of your life is that the overwhelming majority of your issues, your pain, and suffering are caused by someone else in your life. Whether someone fell short of your expectations, or doesn’t fully appreciate you or disrespects you, the majority of your pain is a result of your daily human interactions.

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It’s a Reflective Time of Year

This is a special time of year. We’re in the final stretch and it’s a time that we begin to ponder our lives. What kind of year has it been for you? I believe it’s valuable to reflect and account for your life this time of year. Enjoy the changing of the seasons, the decorations, the great food, and time spent with family and friends. Cherish those you love and prepare to welcome in a new year. But, take time to yourself and soak in what was this year and how it changed you, impacted you, hurt you, and uplifted you.

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Do You Have a Victim Mentality?

One key predictor of your future success is how you think and react to what happens to you. I have the pleasure to teach, train, and motivate professionals as part of my work. It’s easy for me to discern who is going to be successful and who will struggle, based on their mentality and how the see the world.

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There’s More Than One Way to The Top

I used to think there was a formula to success. There is not. There are common attributes that successful people have in common, but there’s no single path to success in any field or discipline, just like there’s no single path to the top of a mountain. Some paths may be easier than others, but there isn’t one path that leads to the mountain top of success. The key question, do you have the desire to succeed?

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