My Next Speaking Event

EVENT NAME: Key Accounts Kickoff

SPONSOR: Cowlitz Public Utilities District

PRESENTATION: Key Accounts Lead Profiling

LOCATION: Longview, WA

DATE: August 30, 2017









"I especially appreciated Erick's attention to detail, highly organized approach and follow through. He made everything a breeze for our meeting planner and staff." - COLIN HANSEN, Kansas Municipal Utilities

"Erick is full of energy and truly engages with the audience. We have had him speak at more than one event because he spends a significant amount of time preparing and provides useful takeaways."
- RUSSELL OLSON, Heartland Consumers Power District



My mission is to serve you and add tremendous value to your audience.



Motivational Keynote Presentations

I will start your conference with a bang and have your attendees buzzing or close your conference with strong content that will send everyone off inspired.

Nonverbal Influence Presentations & Workshops

Good communication is the cornerstone of success. My presentations and workshops will equip your attendees or team with the skills to leverage body language techniques that will lead to success and greater influence.

Utility Key Accounts Management Training

My proven formula for building and maintaining a strong key accounts program for business communities will help your utility develop the proper customer support foundation.

Discover Significance Presentations & Workshops

What is your purpose, but most important, what will be your legacy? My goal is to help you rediscover your passion, so that you can redefine your purpose, and then gain the courage to take action now.



Success Is Not Hard, When You Check Your Emotions

I help coach my daughter’s travel softball team. I wouldn’t consider myself a softball savant. In fact, if you put me in a room with bunch of softball dads, I would bet that almost all of them know the game more than me. I don’t know every rule of the game, I don’t know the “right call” to make in every situation, I don’t care. Instead, I study success and human dynamics and try to discern what it takes to place an organization or person in a position to succeed.

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Your Opinions Are Irrelevant, Your Actions Matter More

What do you believe? What is your value system? What drives your daily decisions and what are you most passionate about in your life? Well, according to the Bible, when it comes to human interactions, as long as we approach one another with love and respect, it doesn’t matter what we believe.

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Only Teams Win

I’m humbled to write this post for I don’t feel I truly deserve the blessings I’ve received the past few weeks. I write this blog while cruising over 30,000 feet on a return flight home. Today I spoke to a wonderful group of utility professionals in San Antonio, Texas. I pursued my passion and purpose today, because of dozens of unbelievable people that continue to support and uplift me every day.

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Don’t Worry About God Showing Up, He’s Already There!

One of my first thoughts as I lie on a sterile bed in the cold and well-lit hospital room was a keynote presentation I was scheduled to give down in Memphis, Tennessee in five days. I was determined to give this presentation and I mentioned it to my wife, Alia, several times. I also mentioned it to the burn specialist that evaluated me later that night, after I was transferred to the burn unit up in Indianapolis. She simply looked up at me and smiled, but never responded. Neither did my wife.

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