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Book Overview

Everyone desires to lead a life a significance, to know that their life had an impact on others and made a difference. However, the whirlwinds of life create chaos that often pulls from every direction leading to frustration, overwhelm and regret.

I unpack my 15-years of research and explore my own life story where I pulled myself from rock bottom to rediscover my own path to significance. With my proven five-part methodology I will show you how to not only survive chaos, but rise above it so that you can achieve a life of significance and find peace.

Learn the five principles to master human dynamics and why it's critical to lead a life of significance.

Discover the seven elements of the perfect day, a proven daily regimen that insulates you from the devasting whirlwinds of life.

Unlock a proven formula that ignites purpose in your life so that you may create a vision that motivates and excites you about your future.

Apply a methodology that will help you rediscover your passion and redefine your purpose so that you may rise above the chaos and live-in peace knowing you’re on a path of significance.


What people are saying

"The problem with teams and leaders isn't "motivation." It's "I'm motivated, I just want to know how to maximize that motivation effectively." No you can, because Erick shows you how. Want to lead better, communicate better, be better? Read this book, use its lessons. Erick "gets it" and you will to."
– Vincent E. Boles, Major General US Army (Ret) and author of "4-3-2-1 Leadership"
"I’ve known and worked with Erick for several years now. He’s an encourager and believes in people and the value they can bring into the world. I’ve personally watched him coach dozens of overwhelmed professional men and women and inspired them to leverage their stories so that they may have a positive impact in the world. I highly recommend you read this book, so Erick can do the same for you."
– Grant Baldwin, Founder & CEO of The Speaker Lab and author of "The Successful Speaker"
"As a US Army retired Colonel, I’ve heard my fair share of speakers. When my team turned me onto Erick a few years ago I was skeptical, but they all though he was one of the best speakers they’ve ever heard and were they ever right! Not only is he a great speaker, but he’s also a man of integrity, honor and character – all the things I work to instill in my team. I can think of no one better than Erick to speak to living a life of significance. Erick is an expert on this topic, and I highly recommend it."
– John Olshefski, Senior Vice President of Customer Care, Huntsville Utilities and Colonel US Army (Ret)
"Erick recounts his lifelong passion to study and understand human dynamics wonderfully in this book. He leverages masterful storytelling to describe his days at West Point and his tour in Bosnia in support of Operation Joint Endeavor. I too served in Bosnia in support of Operation Joint Endeavor. I recommend you read this book as he lays out a proven methodology to master human dynamics and achieve significance."
– Robert T. Hastings, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense at United States Department of Defense
"Erick is passionate and authentic as he leverages his story that allowed him to tame his own demons throughout his life. As his pastor I’ve had the pleasure to advise him on the spiritual component of his life. In this book Erick addresses the darkness we all must face and overcome if we truly desire to pursue a significant life."
– David Norris, Senior Pastor, City Church for All Nations, Bloomington, IN
"Erick and I met over 30 years ago when we entered the United States Military Academy together as Plebes. He’s more than a friend, but a brother. We’ve shared a lifetime together and I’ve personally watched Erick’s life unfold and have been inspired by it and so will you."
– Jack Swift, President and Senior Partner, The TIFIN Group
"Erick has been one of my closest friends over the last 30 years, beginning with our days as teammates at the United States Military Academy. I have been fortunate to watch Erick’s transformation unfold in person and experience first-hand his authenticity and vidid story telling. In this book, Erick recounts his personal struggles and the methodology he developed to get his life back on track. Spending even a short amount of time with Erick always leaves me energized and inspired. After reading this book, you will experience the same level of energy and inspiration that Erick delivers in person.His steps for significance have become my “North Star” for life and I know it will become yours as well."
– Mike Bernstein, Hall of Fame, United States Military Academy Cross Country, Track & Field