Discover Your Significant Life

While Navigating Chaos

A Lifestyle Design Methodology

Rediscover Your Passion

Redefine Your Purpose

Take Action

Does This Sound Like Your Life?

You've done everything right with your life.

Major milestones achieved – degree, career, family.

You should be happy, but you're miserable – why?

You're frustrated, bored, and angry.

You're drifting into a destructive lifestyle.

If you can relate to any of the statements above, then you know that something needs to change… but where do you begin?

Where Do You Go From Here?

I've been there… I've experienced deep despair.

I had no purpose, no vision, no passion.

My family, my work, and I deserved better.

I made a decision to recover what I lost.

I embarked on a 15-year journey of rediscovery.

I unlocked a framework that allowed me to rediscover my passion, to redefine my purpose, and gave me the courage to rise above the chaos and win my life back.


"Wow! If I were asked of all the keynote performances, that I have SAT in on, who would rate the ultimate highest of all speaking performance levels… Erick Rheam would be the king!"

– Janel Sparks, Indiana Municipal Electric Association

Rise above the chaos and discover significance

It’s time to shed your current self. It’s time to stop feeling lost, confused, frustrated, powerless, and numb to your life. Instead, join me on your journey back to your own path of significance where you will feel energized, excited, and motivated about your life once again. You’ll wake up each day ready for the challenges, because you’re now living on purpose, comforted by the fact that you’re on a path towards significance… YOUR significance. You don’t need to take 15 years to discover your significant life, like I did.

You can start right now. Will you join me?

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The Proven 5-Part Framework

There’s no need to take as long as I did to clarify some key issues of your life so that you may cut through your whirlwind of life and find your significance. You can streamline your journey by following the framework I discovered and perfected. This framework will do for you, what it did for me. It allows you to rediscover what you lost, that passion for your life based on your unique strengths, skills, and experience and align those assets with deliberate actions steps that will become your guiding light when the world around you seems dark.



Uncover your reason for living.


Master Self

Discover principles to rise above chaos.



Discover the power of attraction.



Guide the momentum of change.



Leverage the power of human connection.

"Erick opened and closed our session with rave reviews! He delivered the message to our group while engaging them in a virtual setting which he made look effortless. He overdelivered in every aspect. We can't wait to bring him back to present to our group!"

– Katrina Davis, Director of Education and Training, Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives

You've Got Two Choices

1. Your Current Life

Continue to drift and lose out on valuable opportunities.

Remain bored and frustrated.

Fall into a destructive lifestyle.

Allow that destructive lifestyle to be your legacy.

Wake up each day exhausted and fearful.

2. Your Significant Life

Live your life with passion.

Live your life on purpose.

Emboldened to take action towards your best life.

Wake up energized, excited, and hopeful.

Be at peace knowing your life matters.


"Erick's presentation was spot-on. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and engaging. I would recommend this information to anyone facing a crisis."

– NWWPA Virtual Workshop Attendee