Virtual Events

"I have to say Erick is one of the very best virtual presenters I have seen over the past year. I mean he's amazing in person, but that doesn't always translate online for everyone. It does for him!" - Jean Capone, National Rural Electric Cooperatives

Rediscover Your Passion

Redefine Your Purpose

Take Action

The Virtual Problem

You've worked hard to develop a fantastic agenda for your virtual event.

Your audience craves good content with actionable learning objectives.

Most speakers are not equipped to meet expectations in a virtual setting.

You and you're audience are left frustrated.

Is a virtual presentation worth the trouble?

My Solution

I'm committed to create an outstanding virtual experience.

I hired an award-winning film producer to setup my world class virtual studio.

I provide a highly energetic, very engaging, and high end production experience.

Your audience will leave my presentation feeling good about the experience.

I created a virtual experience that exceeds expectations and ensures your event is a success.

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Let's Decide Where I Can Best Fit Your Event.

You're in the planning phase of your event and have a few key spots on your agenda that you must get right. The key to selecting the best speaker and talk depends on three criteria:

1. Theme: Do you have a theme for your event? I will help you select one of my topics that fits best within your theme.

2. Audience: What's the demographics of your audience? This will inform which talk might fit best.

3. Time Slot: What slot is available? Depending on the time of the day and where the slot fits in your agenda will help us decide on the best topic.

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Opening Keynote Options

The opening keynote sets the tone for your entire event, so it's important to get this right to get the audience in the mood and ready for a great conferece. I have two keynotes that serve as fantastic opening keynotes:

Lead Without Speaking – The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

This keynote is a crowd favorite. It's fun, informative, and lighthearted. I leverage my body language skills as a former military police officer and special investigator to inform and entertain your audience on the power of nonverbal communication. This talk sends a buzz throughout the conference as your audience will immediately apply what they learned during the conference breaks and the dinner reception that night. You can't miss with this talk and is a fun way to launch your event.

Key Deliverables: Printed companion notes and "How's Your Vibe? 10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid" eBook.

"Erick Presented Information I Had Never Seen or Even Thought About. It Really Had Me Watching Myself as Well as Others for the Rest of the Conference. It Will Be a Very Helpful Tool to Use in My Job. I Look Forward to Reading His Book on This Topic."

– WSHMMA Audience Member


Rise Above Chaos & Discover Significance

This is my signature message and is an excellent way to launch your conference. This talk is based on my new book, Rise Above Chaos & Discover Significance. It inspires the audience to pursue a life beyond success and how to navigate the whirlwinds of life while making an impact in their careers, in their communities, and in their personal lives.

Your audience will walk away inspired to reflect on their own lives and equipped to pursue a life of significance. This is a great keynote as it sets the tone for a deep and meaningful learning experience and interaction for the rest of your event.

Key Deliverables: Companion workbook, Discover Significance Assessment with companion eBook, signed hardcover copy of "Rise Above Chaos & Discover Significance" (optional).

"He is a Wonderfully Engaging Speaker. He Gave Me a Lot to Think About and Realize My Path Both on a Work and Personal Level."

– WBA One Conference Participant


Closing Keynote Options

Your audience will judge your conference based on how they feel at the end of it.  That’s why it's critical to end on a high note.  I have one keynote that I recommend that guarantees that your audience will walk away motivated, inspired, and feeling good about your conference.

The World Belongs to the Encourager

This is the best way to wrap up your event. This is not a motivational pep talk, but a highly informational and inspirational talk that leverages three real life encouraging stories, with a twist at the end, that will inspire your audience to leverage the power of encouragement that will enhance their careers and lives. Your audience will leave your conference excited to apply what they learn from this talk and will be eager to give you high marks for an outstanding conference.

Key Deliverables: Companion notes and a special memento to inspire to live the perfect day.

"I Felt Better About the World After I Heard Erick's Perspective."

– Jim Schwingle, Senior Services Energy Manager & Program Coordinator



If you're planning to provide workshops with the purpose of unpacking topics before the official start of your conference, I have topics that do well in this environment. I enjoy working with professionals that are serious about their professional development; therefore, I created two workshops that are designed to support your conference objectives and exceed the expectations of the audience members.

Nonverbal Communication Workshop

Time Commitment: 3-6 hours (Depending on the depth of the learning objectives and time available).

This is an entertaining and informative workshop that can be delivered over a flexible time slot from two hours and up to six hours, depending on your goals. I take the audience on a fun journey into the world of body language, leveraging my experiences a military police officer and my lifelong study of human dynamics. By the end of the workshop, the audience is equipped to leverage nonverbal cues to detect levels of comfort, agreement, and deception that can be used immediately in the real world.

Key Deliverables: Companion workbook and "How's Your Vibe? 10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid eBook".

"This Was a Great Overview of What Different Body Language Really Means. I'm Excited to Read the Book!"

– Participant, Wisconsin Banking Association Leadership Summit


Discover Your Significance Assessment

Time Commitment: 2 hours

This is fun and extremely informative, because each audience member takes a personalized assessment at the beginning of the talk and gets a significance score that shows them where they are on their journey of significance. I discuss the meaning behind the results and provide action steps on how to move forward and take the next step on the journey.

Key Deliverables: Online assessment and "Discover Significance" eBook.

"This course is a value for both work and home life. Erick does a great job of helping people find their way to a life of significance."

– Workshop Attendee


Virtual Series

A virtual series allows the ability to breakdown a topic over several smaller webinars that requires less time commitment per session, but also spreads out the sessions over several days or weeks so that I can unpack a topic for the audience in a way that makes a significant impact and provides meaningful actions items along the way.

Master the Seven Elements of the Perfect Day

Time Commitment: 7 x 1 hour sessions

Most busy professional men and women struggle to stay ahead of the daily grind. In fact, one professional survey showed that 86% of its respondents struggled with staying focused and organized. I struggled with this as well and so I developed a methodology and tested it for over a decade. It's a methodology that leverages seven principles that if applied daily allows professionals to design their lives that allows them to cut through the whirlwind and succeed in life.

Key Deliverables: Companion workbook, Discover Significance Assessment and companion eBook, and access to The Perfect Day online course.

"Erick's work is impactful and what he's doing really does make a difference, he's blessing people with his message, and I am thankful for the opportunity to hear him speak."

– Sander A. Blackburn, Senior Rate Specialist, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Assoc., Inc.


Rise Above Chaos & Discover Significance – A Lifestyle Design Methodology

Time Committment: 2 days

This workshop breaks down my book on this subject by addressing the purpose and reasoning behind each part of the framework. I address each portion of the framework in detail and leverage interactive group discussions and activities to help solidify the learning objectives.

Key Deliverables: Companion workbook, signed hardback copy of "Rise Above Chaos" book, Discover Significance Assessment and companion eBook, "How's Your Vibe? 10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid" eBook, and access to The Seven Elements of the Perfect Day online course.

"One of the best courses I ever attended. Erick was an outstanding presenter!"

– Workshop Attendee