"Erick and his team are professional and easy to work with, they're a well-oiled machine!" – Michelle Perzee, HR Director, Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association, Inc.

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You're in the planning phase of your training and there are a few things to consider as we clarify the best option for you:

1. Audience: Who's the audience for this training and what’s the problem we need to solve?

2. Location: Is this in a conference setting at a hotel or at your facility?

3. Time: How much time is available to deliver the message?

4. Space: How much physical space is available and what's the layout of the room?

5. Technology: What tech is available to include projector, WiFi, computer, sound system, and recording capability?

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Half-Day Workshop

These workshops are designed to provided targeted information with some level of depth to increase the proficiency of the audience, but with less time commitment. These sessions are a minimum of two hours and up to four hours in length.

Nonverbal Communication

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours

This is a very popular workshop, why? Because it is fun, informative, and lighthearted. I provide a ton of great information and present it in a way that's not overwhelming, but enough so that the audience members can apply what the learned immediately at work and in life. I leverage my body language skills as a former military police officer and special investigator to inform and entertain your audience on the power of nonverbal communication.

Key Deliverables: Companion workbook and "How's Your Vibe? 10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid" eBook.

"This Was a Great Overview of What Different Body Language Really Means. I’m Excited to Read the Book!"

– Participant, Wisconsin Banking Association, Leadership summit


Mastering the Seven Elements of the Perfect Day

Time Commitment: 3-4 hours

Most busy professional men and women struggle to stay ahead of the daily grind. In fact, one professional survey showed that 86% of its respondents struggled with staying focused and organized. I struggled with this as well and so I developed a methodology and tested it for over a decade. It's a methodology that leverages seven elements that if applied daily allows professionals to design their lives that allows them to cut through the whirlwind and succeed in life.

Key Deliverables: Companion workbook, Discover Significance Assessment with companion eBook, signed hardcover copy of "Rise Above Chaos" book (optional), and access to The Perfect Day online course.

"I Felt Very Excited When the Session Was Done, Erick Was Very Uplifting! I Am Ready to Find My Passion and Manage My Priorities!"

– Wisconsin Public Power Institute series participant


Discover Your Significance Assessment

Time Commitment: 2 hours

This is a fun and extremely informative workshop, because each audience member takes a personalized assessment at the beginning of the talk and gets a significance score that shows them where they are on their journey of significance. I discuss the meaning behind the results and provide action steps on how to move forward and take the next step on the journey.

Key Deliverables: Online assessment and Discover Significance eBook.


Full Day Workshop

These workshops are intended to dig deeper into a subject, which allows me the opportunity to unpack a topic by leveraging specially designed exercises and breakout discussions that allows the audience to gain a deeper appreciation for the topic. I equip the audience with the necessary tools and action items to successfully apply the principles discussed.

Nonverbal Communication

Time Commitment: 4-7 hours

This is like the half day nonverbal communication workshop in that it is fun, informative, and lighthearted; however, I dig deeper by presenting a module on how to apply the principles in everyday life to include enhancing negotiation techniques leveraging body language. I also conclude this session with a video capstone exercise that's fun and eye opening that leaves the participants entertained and wanting more.

Key Deliverables: Companion workbook and "How's Your Vibe? 10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid" eBook.

"I Enjoyed the Video Shared at the End of the Session Where We Got to Actually Observe Someone and Pick Up on the Nonverbal Gestures They Were Using."

– TVPPA Workshop Attendee


The Art of Public Presenting and Communication

Time Commitment: 5-7 hours

Audience Size: 12-26

Communication is the foundation of success. All busy professional men and women must learn and master the art of communication, especially public presentations. This workshop is designed to simplify and demystify public speaking. Whether presenting at a staff meeting, gaining approval at a board meeting, or delivering a formal speech in a professional setting, I train the audience on how to prepare and deliver an effective talk in any setting.

Key Deliverables: A video on public speaking best practices, a video on common pitfalls to avoid when speaking publicly, and a companion video.

"Excellent and Worthwhile Information."

– The One Conference Participant


Multi-Day Workshop

This is my signature workshop. This workshop is an all-inclusive deep dive experience into my signature message, Rise Above Chaos and Discover Significance. I believe everyone desires to make an impact and to pursue significance. The problem is that the chaos of daily life distracts, wears down, and destroys plans and dreams of a bright and worthwhile future. I teach my five-part methodology on how to cut through the whirlwind, rise above the chaos, and achieve significance.

In this workshop the audience will experience breakthroughs with obsolete paradigms and discover tools and methodologies that can be applied immediately that will positively affect their career and personal lives.

Rise Above Chaos & Discover Significance – A Lifestyle Design Methodology

Time Commitment: 2 days (This can be delivered in parts)

This workshop breaks down my book on this subject by addressing the purpose and reasoning behind each part of the framework. I address each portion of the framework in detail and leverage interactive group discussions and activities to help solidify the learning objectives.

Key Deliverables: Companion workbook, signed hardback copy of "Rise Above Chaos" book, Discover Significance Assessment and companion eBook, "How's Your Vibe? 10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid" eBook, and access to The Seven Elements of the Perfect Day online course.

"I began implementing what I learned after attending Erick's Rise Above Chaos Workshop, and started to leverage as many healthy habits I could in between the hours of 4-7 am before work. This leaves me time at the end of the day for my family and my side business. It’s created a domino effect spiritually, financially and physically and I am loving it."

– Dalton, Workshop Participant