Meet Erick RHeam

Hello, my name is Erick Rheam. I am a professional speaker and author. My vision is to help busy professional men and women rediscover their passion, so that they can redefine their purpose and gain the courage to act.

Rediscover Your Passion

Redefine Your Purpose

Take Action

About Me

I am a graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. I spent five years as a Military Police Officer, nine years working for two municipally owned utilities, ten years in software efficiency sales, two years as the Director of Student Success for a professional speaking development company, and now I’m a full-time professional speaker and author. I travel the country helping men and women cut through the whirlwind, so they can rise above the chaos to discover their significance and live in peace.

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"I've known and worked with Erick for several years now. He's an encourager and believes in people and the value they can bring into the world."

– Grant Baldwin, Founder & CEO of The Speaker Lab and author of "The Successful Speaker"


I am a professional public speaker and published author. I’ve been speaking for over a decade.

I entered the utility industry when I left the Army in August of 2000. I spent nearly two years creating a key accounts program for Anderson Municipal Light and Power in Indiana, before I departed to Loveland Water and Power in Colorado. It was there that I grew in my abilities to work with large commercial accounts and develop long term business relationships for municipal governments.

I created the customer relations division in Loveland and served in that capacity for seven years before moving on to Automated Energy in 2009. While working at Automated I began to discover my passion for speaking and began to speak at conferences on the side. I ultimately left Automated in 2019 and took the position of Director of Student Success for The Speaker Lab, a professional speaker training company.

I stepped down as the Director of Student Success in 2021 so I could focus on my own speaking business. I still coach and consult for The Speaker Lab.

I joined the United States Army as an officer in the Military Police Corps in 1995. I served as a platoon leader while deployed to Bosnia, Herzegovina and Germany for the 536th and 615th Military Police Companies. I was assigned as a special investigator while in Germany. I ended my Army career as a Battalion S-4 Logistics Officer at Fort Carson, Colorado.

I was recruited to run Division I collegiate varsity cross-country and track at The United States Military Academy, West Point. I was a part of the nationally recognized cross-country team that ultimately placed sixth at nationals. My personal running bests are below:

Running Career Personal Bests

800 Meters: 1:55

1500 Meters: 3:50

1600 Meters: 4:20

3200 Meters: 8:50

5 Kilometers: 14:18

10 Kilometers: 30:45

10 Miles: 53:51

Half Marathon: 1:33:00

Marathon: 3:22:00

I had the pleasure to coach the boys and girls varsity cross-country teams at Lighthouse Christian Academy in Bloomington, Indiana from 2011-2013. Our teams finished with two girls private school state championships and one boys private school state championship.

I’ve written six books with the goal of writing and creating new content in the form of a book every two years.

I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, and dreaming with my wife, Alia, and three beautiful children, Ashley, Ryan and Adrian. My Labrador Retriever, Stella, and Doberman Pinscher, Oynx are my constant companions and inspiration to remain active and creative in life.

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"I have been fortunate to watch Erick's transformation unfold in person and experience first-hand his authenticity and vidid story telling. Spending even a short amount of time with erick always leaves me energized and inspired."

– Mike Bernstein, Hall of Fame, United States Military Cross Country and Track & Field

My Story

In 2005, while working for Loveland Water & Power, I hit my rock bottom.

My wife confronted me for not living up to her expectations as a husband and father. I had a major falling out with my own father where we didn't speak for an extended period, and I was suspended from work, without pay, for a week after an investigation that confirmed I abused my power as a leader at my utility.

I was young, energetic, talented, and on a fast track in the utility industry. I had a great family, and a good job, yet I was miserable. I lacked clarity in my life, and I lacked purpose. I was angry, frustrated, and bored.

Something needed to change.

This started a 15-year journey where I discovered the five principles that pulled me out of my rock bottom and back to my path of significance. On the other side of that journey, I found peace.

I realized that I'm not that only one experiencing a rock bottom moment and so I decided to share what I learned on my journey and assist as many busy and overwhelmed professional men and women who desire to find their own way back to a significant life.

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"Erick is passionate and authentic as he leverages his story that allowed him to tame his own demons throughout life. Erick addressed the darkness we must all face and overcome if we truly desire to pursue a significant life."

– David Norris, Senior Pastor, City Church for All Nations, Bloomington, IN

3 Reasons to Hire Me

1. I am a professional. I bring zero drama to a project. I’m low maintenance, easy to work with and passionate about over delivering and exceeding expectations.

2. I make audiences feel good. Above all people remember how they feel after an event. Audiences walk away feeling good about their future after experiencing one of my talks.

3. My talks are actionable. Audiences walk away with real world, actionable steps that can be applied immediately in their lives. My talks are more than a feel-good experience, they are life changing.

"I felt better about the world after I heard Erick's perspective."

– Jim Schwingle, Senior Services Energy Manager & Program Coordinator, Wisconsin Public Power Institute