Developing, launching and maintaining a solid and effective key accounts program is critical if utilities desire to partner with business communities. I’ve developed a simple but powerful system that provides utility professionals and leadership a clear path to success to key accounts program development.

Elevate Your Business Community with a Strong Key Accounts Program


Communities thrive on business and commerce. The common thread in strong communities is the relationships forged by local business and the partnerships that help them thrive. One of those key partnerships is the locally owned and operated municipal utility. In this talk I outline what it takes to develop a strong and effective key accounts program.

Learning Objectives:

1. Discover the five pillars of a successful key accounts program.

2. Learn the three program service levels and how to choose the level that best fits your community.

3. Gain an appreciation and understanding on what the business community truly wants from the local utility.

"Every year, our planning committee works to develop valuable sessions for our attendees and every year, Erick's name comes up as a requested speaker.”

The Key Accounts Roadmap To Success


"Erick is full of energy and truly engages with the audience. We have had him speak at more than one event because he spends a significant amount of time preparing and provides useful takeaways."

-Russell Olson, Heartland Consumers Power District

American Public Power Association Key Accounts Certificate Program


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Written with the busy utility professional in mind, the Key Accounts Field Manual - A Guide for Public Power Professionals, will give you the skills you need to build valuable relationships with the largest stakeholders in your community.

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