#030: Are You Focused?

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In this episode, Erick Rheam challenges you to get focused on your priorities.

In his book, Erick discusses the five principles to cut through the whirlwind, rise above the chaos and discover significance.  One of the negative forces in your way to your path of significance is the Beast.  This is that force that always seems to get in your way and knock you off track. 

Erick discusses the tactic of identifying your big three for the day and placing boundaries around your daily tasks that allows you to focus on the three most important things in your life, every single day.  More importantly, he shares a tool he created to help you do just that!

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  2. Rise Above Chaos book
  3. Work with Erick
  4. Episode 8 - Managing Your Priorities
  5. Purchase the Rise Above Chaos book
  6. Get the Big 3 Post-it Notes tool

Action Step

  • Get the Big 3 Post-it Notes Tool