#051: Are You Living Your Story?

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In this episode, Erick Rheam challenges you to live your story.

We’re taught to live a certain story and often we do everything that’s expected of us only to find out we’ve been living someone else’s story and others' expectations of us. Erick debunks that way of thinking by sharing his four key pillars to living our own story:

  1. Embrace your history;
  2. Embrace your passion;
  3. Leverage your superpower;
  4. Leverage time.

Resources Mentioned

  1. Subscribe to the podcast
  2. Rise Above Chaos book
  3. Work with Erick
  4. Best Year Ever book
  5. Today Matters book
  6. The War of Art book
  7. Rise Above Chaos Podcast Episode #50: Don’t be Afraid to Start with Ken McCoy

Action Step

  • Identify your top three fears