#019: Discover Your Calling with Daron Earlewine

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In this episode, Erick Rheam interviews professional speaker, author and podcaster Daron Earlewine about how to discover your calling.

Daron explains why his mission is to be a pioneer and once found his mission he discovered peace and happiness in his life.  He provides a glimpse into what he believes are the five foundational callings that are based on biblical teachings.

He believes that suffering and struggling provide the greatest lessons in life and that was his experience in his own story.  He walks us through his life in a band in Arizona and his transition into ministry along the way.

Daron believes that most people have a massive deprivation of imagination and discusses how personally experienced it and how he overcame it.  He discussed how he changed his mindset when he began to study an idea of being a “pioneer apostle”.

He talks about the push and pull we all experience as we reach inflection points in life and how he experienced that personally when he decided to lean into ministry. He also discusses two big moments he experienced as he decided to leave the church he founded and how it influenced his decision.  He opens up about how he was forced from the church he founded and why he believes it was meant to be and needed to pursue his true calling.

Daron outlines a critical letter that he decided to write to the elders of his church, which outlined his vision of his future and why writing out his vision was a pivotal moment in his pursuit of his calling. 

Finally, Daron poses the four questions to ask yourself to find your calling.

Daron Earlewine

Daron Earlewine is a passionate, catalytic, influential, and captivating dreamer. He serves as an author, speaker, podcast host, and entrepreneur. Daron’s mission is to help people find passion, purpose, and peace. 

In 2016, he started Radio Theology, a weekly radio show on WZPL, 99.5 in Indianapolis. Then the Daron Earlewine Podcast was launched to share stories of diverse people living out their calling.

Daron has also helped more than 4,000 individuals move from feeling insignificant to understanding their worth and creating their future through his online and live workshop. Most recently Daron has written a book called The Death of a Dream. 

Daron’s favorite role has been being married to Julie for 21 years and being Cole, Ty and Knox’s dad.

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