#045: Don't Be Afraid to Have Conversations with Deb Feder

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In this episode, Erick Rheam interviews business coach, Deb Feder.

Deb shares her mission to help busy professionals have big careers and big lives and feel they can work togethers. She discusses the four things to stop and rethink how professionals manage their days by being responsive and responsible.  

Deb shares thoughts on her new book, Tell Me More, where she discusses how to leverage everyday conversations and turn them into opportunities.

Deb Feder

Deb Feder is a business development coach, strategist, and CEO of Feder Development LLC, a consulting firm focused on helping lawyers and professionals bring in consistent clients through curious, confident conversations and changing the way we view productivity for professionals.

For the last decade, she has committed herself to changing the way we think about work-life balance and how we tackle high-stakes work, allowing for big careers while enjoying our free time.

Prior to founding Feder Development, Deb practiced corporate law for 15 years; she holds a history degree from the University of Michigan and her JD/MBA from the University of Iowa.

Deb’s latest book, After Hello: How to Build a Book of Business, One Conversation at a Time is a guide to building a thriving law practice based on a blend of mindset, strategy, and straightforward solutions.

Deb is a frequent speaker at conferences, podcasts, and firm retreats on business development, productivity, networking, authenticity, and communication.

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Action Step

  • Be curious of others and look for opportunities to serve